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Andrew Sztein writes: Back in my days at University, there was nary a video game staple that got more playtime amongst myself and my college buddies than the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Whether it was marathon sessions plowing through the entire campaign on Legendary difficulty with a friend in split screen co-op or lugging over multiple Xboxes and TVs for some addictive capture the flag and team deathmatch action, Halo was and remains a defining milestone in the history of video games.

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tigertron2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

'Multiplayer is little more than a map-pack for Halo: Reach; best multiplayer levels from the original didn't make the cut; Kinect functionality is gimmicky at best; some level designs show the game's true age.'

It was only suppossed to be a map pack to Reach, but I will say that the map pack could have been better. I would have liked a new Death Island etc.

Also, the level designs are perfectly understandable. This game is 10 years old, it isn't a new game.