Skyrim Guide: How To Get Mehrune’s Razor (Chance To Instantly Kill Target)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a guide teaching how to obtain the Mehrune's Razor (rare dagger) after finishing the "pieces of the past" quest which gives you a chance to kill your target instantly despite of its armor or HP.

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Chri51232981d ago

Awesome guide - there seems to be a full guide here as well for the game >>

jthamind2981d ago

i really, really wanted to dual wield Mehrune's Razor with the Blade of Woe, but the fact that MR's damage is so much lower than the Daedric dagger's, plus the chance to instantly kill is so small, i had to pass on it.

kramun2981d ago

Yeah, the fact the chance is so small just didn't warrant keeping it when you factor in the damage it causes. I'm still quite happy with the gift Molag Bal gave me lol, keeps my soul gems full :)