Lessons Learned From LIMBO (So Far)

Trevor of - "See, more than anything else I’ve played recently, LIMBO values itself as a game, not an interactive film or a work of escampism, but as a piece of interactive art."

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bozebo2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Limbo is awesome, it reminds me of Half Life 1: it always knows how you are going to play it, it's like they pre-emptively read the player's mind :O Interactive narrative at its very best.

"The advent of 3D, voice-acting, and many other key presentation advancements made in games has made developers (and players) lazy."

No... it's the usage of the games industry as a money making tool that made... publishers lazy. Most of the 'lazy' gamers are very new to the whole thing and don't know any better yet. Us elitists were just born at a time when games could focus on being good and didn't have to focus on raking in the most cash. There are a decent number of good games recently though, but few people seem to play them.