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Sony Has Already Killed the PS Vita

GamePro - Sony's already killed the PlayStation Vita. Seriously, I don't even want one anymore. Ever since the ambitiously designed portable successor to the PSP was officially announced at E3 this last summer, each news story about the system's drawbacks really has me rethinking that $249 purchase.

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How did this even get approved? Badly balanced article, sounds more like a fanboy rant.
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Community3010d ago
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deadpoole3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

the writer of the story rants like 95% of the aricle about how it doesnt support PSP games and what not ... than goes on complaining about everything that he just read 5min before from some other website just for the sake of writin an article ... PSVita makin same mistake like PSP ... lolll.

Dude PSvita will have its own games ... moveon and think of buyin those games.

This article is all noise and no info.

Bach3010d ago

The writer sounds like a 12 year old CoD player.

rezzah3010d ago

That's too old Flonder, more like 9.

Overhear them discuss COD when they still sound like little girls.

Dante1123010d ago

Lol, what!?!? The lineup of games for the Vita is weak? The Vita has so much developer support....smh at the writer.

Wenis3010d ago

How dare this writer curse the name of Sony and their glorious gaming system

guitarded773010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I didn't read it, did he drop a lot of N and F bombs or something?

Ok, I read it (from article) "I don't even want one anymore"... when I read that I hear a whiny voice in my head. I'm working on my second degree in CS, but my first degree was in mass com... every time I read an article, I am blown away by what the editors let slide... gaming journalism is a sad, sad thing. And Gamepro is supposed to be legit.

Elyxir-pSx3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

This was a good read, I learned a lot stuff I didn't know about the vita, I might have to re think about purchasing this day one. No ps1 support and Sony memory cards might be my reasons for not getting one early.

reynod3010d ago

Why no PSP 1 support? that system had awesome games and people probably invested alot of money on those games and now being unable to play them doesnt sound right.

Whats up next PS4 doesnt play PS3 games? Will the fans on this site blindly support that too?

Skip_Bayless3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Sounds a lot like the complaints about the PS3 prior and during the launch. Well.. that's fine because I will be one of the few that will buy it and defend it to anger the haters haha.

Also it is known that PSP piracy was widespread, so don't give me that BS that you actually bought the game. And the proprietary memory cards are to prevent piracy.

Day 1 purchase!

Skip_Bayless3010d ago

And above about PS4 not having PS3 backwards compatibility. So first the haters complain about price when they have the BC in it, but when they take it out to decrease cost the haters complain too?

NukaCola3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

$250-$300 For a Vita is cheap. It does almost everything any tablet can do, any phone can do, and so much more.

My wife is a photgrapher and 32gb SD cards are effing expensive as hell. Finding cheap ones made in china might lower the price but they are expensive.

And the difference between an 8gb phone and a 16gb phone is always $100 or more. Yes you get contract deals, but iPhones are expensive and you have to upgrade like the 3G, 3Gs, iPhone4, moving to iOS5, soon iPAD 3 and IPhone5 will come out. You spend 1000s of bucks. These are designed to be special and unhackable so the company can continue to survive in a theifs world like today. You can get a Vita and 32 gig card for max $420. Which is less than the price of a iPhone 4 with 32gb internal which means you can never upgrade the memory. It think what people are only seeing is a $100 price tag. And for what the Vita offers truly, I feel like we are ripping Sony off. Plus I believe the Vita will be the foundation for the future of PSN and the PS4. The UI is better than iPhone/Android/PSN/XBOX LIVE. It's friggin phenomenal.

And on launch support. The Vita Launch in JP will have to wait a short time until the release the firmware and they never said the US/UK/EU/AU releases won't have the firmware that is apparently so important now.

Seriously? Why is attacking B/C capabilities always the deal break against Sony? Xbox went two years only playing DVDs and Games and most Xbox classic titles wouldnt work. So instead of hating and acting like you only started gaming two weeks ago enjoy what is available.

I personally am excited that the remote play is so awesome. I plan on spending sometime playing Mass Effect 3 on my Vita, which is cool as hell. So if you say the Vita has no luanch games..well it's got about 20 titles all nearly AAA quality exclusive for Vita, and over 5 years of backlog from PS3 to play..And you'll get minis and psone and ps2 classics. Even a COD, PSN and PSVita crossplay.. You are getting Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD and FF X HD! Ok this is pissing me off. Grow up GamePro!

EDIT: Sorry to drop a wall of text. Just got on a typing roll. See ya guys online on Vita..

Kurt Russell3010d ago

I wish I could say $250-$300 is cheap.... Don't get me wrong, you get a lot of bang for your buck and an excellent console - But I don't consider $50 cheap on what I earn.

I wish I had the money to think of it that way like a lot of you :)

inveni03010d ago

The only thing that concerns me is battery life.

"Sony's not selling me a revolutionary portable touch-screen gaming system, they're selling me a giant headache."

Sony's not selling you anything if you don't buy it. As the consumer, you decide whether or not to purchase a "headache".

Also, no one wants to hear you whine.

Sarcasm3010d ago

This reminds me a lot about the PS3 backwards compatibility debacle years ago. Look where we are today and where we were, nobody really cares about backwards compatibility but a handful of folks.

People bought a PS3 to play PS3 games.

People will buy a PS Vita to play Vita games.

If you want to keep playing the PS1/PSP games, then jesus christ just keep your old PSP and play them.

Anarki3010d ago

A sony doom article? before the products launched? neeeeeeeeever?!!!!!!!!!!!! that has never happened before.

fei-hung3010d ago

Yup, gaming journalism at its very best.

Hey everyone, I am buying a next genereation handheld console for the sole purpose of playing games I playes 10+years ago. I do not care about the new games and the new IP's. I am a gaming journalist so all I want to play ancient games as they mature like fine wine.

Sony have killed the VITA for me. They do not support piracy, they are selling a handheld console which has more features than its competition and this is an absolute NO DEAL for me as I rather have less features for my money. The VITA has PS SUITE and Music and Video's unlimited and I do not want more options and compatibility like this, I want less less less! I do not want 2 games for the price of one so I can play them on the PS3 and PS VITA, I want less less less! I do not want remote functionality and apps, I just want my old games and lots of piracy.

I am a journalist and I know what I'm talking about. Please everyone, listen to my opinion as it is devine logic and I need the hits to get paid so I can secretly go out and buy a VITA. Oops did I say that out too loud?!


solidt123010d ago

Reading that article was the biggest waste of time. The only thing worse is that he actually took the time to right this junk.

kramun3009d ago

'saint_john_paul_ii + 16h ago | Well said
#1 '

'Flonder + 15h ago | Well said
The writer sounds like a 12 year old CoD player. '

Lol, only on n4g would people think these were well said comments.

kane_13713009d ago

mistake of being actually a good system and up to date

trancefreak3009d ago

What a darn cry baby. Get with the times seriously I am paying vita games on my vita not PSP games. I am not buying a vita to take advantage of it awesome power to play PSP games. I won 2 PSP's they are easy to pick up and play without worrying about my games being on the vita.

At least if my kid chucks the PSP @ the wall again because sack boy pissed him off I don't have to worry about my vita getting broke.

I am getting a Vita to play with the future I'm tired of the PSP I have had one since launch and the vita is miles ahead of that device. The kids use the psp and knowing the Vita has to analog sticks instantly has me playing my favorite games like I would on my ps3.

So many cry baby critics I betcha this guy will end up getting a Vita and be closet player. Seriously what is a better alternative even though the DS is cool as hell it's not for me. It s a kids toy IMO with 16 bit graphics lol.

jony_dols3009d ago

Vita has Uncharted, Resistance, COD, Bioshock, LittleBigPlanet & FIFA Exclusives coming to the system! Those are some of the highest rated franchises this gen and theyr'e brand new exclusive titles!

As well as the likes of new exciting IP's such as Gravity Daze & the multitude of JRPG's that will soon follow!

And not to mention Wipeout, Silent Hill Book of Memories, MGS HD Collection & the usual fare of multiplatform HD titles.

Rockstar Leeds (GTA), Square-Enix (FF), Bestheda (Skyrim) & Bioware (Mass effect) have also committed to producing titles for the Vita.

It is the greatest line-up for a handheld, hell even a console that I have ever seen.

sikbeta3009d ago

WOW! So much hate for my next portable gaming system, their loss...

MaxXAttaxX3009d ago

And at least you HAVE THE OPTION to play PSP games on it.
Before, there was NO option. You either payed full price to re-downlaod PSP games to it or nothing at all.
Now you can do so for $5.

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colonel1793010d ago

"the launch titles list is weak"

and that's how you know the writer of this thing is trolling...

MasterCornholio3010d ago

Yep you can complain about it being more expensive than the 3DS. You can hate it because of the memory cards and battery life. You can whine about it not having Mario. But what you can't do is complain about the launch titles because the lineup is fantastic.

This is a troll article written by a Nintendo fanboy who is angry that the Vita is receiving a ton of positive feedback. He also hates the fact that Sony will do a much better job with the launch than Nintendo.


kikizoo3010d ago

"yep you can complain about it being more expensive than the 3DS"

no you can't, because it's so much more for the (almost) same price ! (and the gamepro writer said "it's expensive" no need to read more)

disturbing_flame3010d ago

Well it's gamepro

Nothing so much pro with them

Maybe gamecons would have been a better choice for the name of their site.

Pretty annoying article, as usual.

supremacy3010d ago

lol, honestly no bs, I didnt think these guys still exist. I havent heard from them in ages, remember the mags, but that was it.

Anyway, this article(if you can call it that) is nothing but a big rant centered around one guys opinion of what a good line up is and a few features that may not be so relevant at the moment.

What a waste of time. Still getting the vita.

And I happen to think that having a new uncharted game as oppose to a port of street fighter 4, makes for a better launch game to buy and invest your time in.

I can have a personal issue with certain aspects of the vita, but I wouldnt waste my time writing a whole article, just to look and sound foolish.

But idk I guess thats just me. Everyone is different I suppose to each their own.

Parapraxis3008d ago

Funny thing is, GamePro is now officially dead.

disturbing_flame3008d ago

Thank you for the info.

I think gamepro can thank those people that wrote those stupid articles like this one here, it's because of them their zine became less and less attractive.

A lot of zines that are also playing with trash news, poorly oriented console wars articles will close certainly.

The first of many to come.

Blacktric3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

"the launch titles list is weak"

LMFAO! Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Unit 13 (which looks amazing), Little Big Planet, Modnation Racers. I mean come the f*ck on. What more can a gamer expect as launch titles? All of those games are coming with sh*t ton of content that'll keep you occupied for months. But I think he was expecting a fully featured Metal Gear Solid, Call Of Duty and a Grand Theft Auto game as launch titles because all of the greatest systems out there launched with at least 5 killer apps that sold over 5 million... Talk about nitpicking. If I'll have money, I'm getting it on release date. I don't give a flying crap about some article written by a confused and biased idiot.

saladthieves3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I can't wait to hear that DING sound when I collect 5 treasures in Uncharted Golden Abyss...I am waiting (impatiently) to get my hands on the Vita at launch.

I remember seeing Killzone 3 being played on the PS Vita via remote play...that made it even harder for me to wait!

Nathaniel_Drake3010d ago

Uncharted already makes this one of the best launches for a system, I mean when you buy a Sony video game product this is what you look for.

meetajhu3010d ago

i feel like repeatedly punching the guys face who wrote this article. When asses like him buy Ipads and ipods for higher price he is saying 249 is overpriced. My temper to the highest level.

MastaMold3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Sony is doomed, doomed I tell you. /s

TBM3010d ago

hmm gamepro i thought i was buying a vita for vita games. no wonder your publication has stopped doing monthly issues, the writing from you guys are horrible.

Dunpeal3010d ago

"Sony Has Already Killed the PS Vita"...... (insert ORLY pic)

PCRockStar3010d ago

Count me out. Sony is almost dead in my book.

Hatmantc3009d ago

what is the title of this book? is it available in paperback?

lelo2play3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Interested in the PS Vita, but will not rush in.

I agree with some of the points made by the article. Unfortunately Sony have loyal fan-boys that will excuse Sony anything. No rush from my part. I'll wait and see what comes out of this, then make my decision to purchase or not. I'll probably get one when the console and it's memories are cheaper... if i'm still interested.

Tanir3010d ago

yuuuppp because people still play their ps2 and ps1 games on the 60 gig ps3....and they still play halo 1 and fable 1 on their 360, and still play custom robo on their wii's and so on and so on......

i mean most people beat their games and dont touch it again, so why the hell does that matter?

least it isn't over priced like the 3ds was, and atleast it has tons of games for launch and being developed for shortly after.


DA_SHREDDER3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The author of this title is right. The thing isn't worth the price its sells for. Not that its a bad machine, but unless your a young child, or an adult that travels alot, shoot, or just plain rich, then I could see how it would be justified to buy the thing. But for me, as a ps3 and 3DS owner, I think that the system is more hype than it is reality. First off its already using an obsolete OS. The ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) android OS is already coming out, and the thing about that is the ICS is gonna beable to let software developers make one game for multiple devices. Now thats where the developers win in this situation. Then you got the PSVita, with the Ginger Bread OS, not that PSVita titles need to be on other platforms, but it just seems to me that Sony should stop with the handheld wars, and jump into the bigger market. Sonys software would destroy everything on the IOS and Android markets. Onlive already uses its service on Tabs. I think the market pie is too small for Sony to have their own hardware anymore. Sony doesn't have the casuals, the DS will always be considered the Toy, so Sony is always gonna be playing 3rd place. The handheld is ruled by android Apple smartphone and tabs. Sony's only chance of catching up is by with the ICS OS on android their software on tabs and phones. They lose money with every hardware sold. Sony loses money cause they don't get the market, and the consumer loses cause we waste our money on things that we don't need. The day I can cross game chat, playing HD games, make cell phone calls, make games easier to make, and have all the positives of a smart phone or tab is the day Sony finally understands where they belong in the market.

TruthBTold3010d ago

Learn about market segments and then read your comment.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3010d ago

You want phone calls and cross game chat? You do realize they're functionally identical, right?
Better logic next time.

UltimateIdiot9113010d ago

I think you're getting the Xperia Play confuse with the Vita. If you're going to troll, at least be more informed.

The PSVita will support Android games perhaps even apps using the PS Suite from what I'm reading but nowhere does it state it's running on Android. It supports cross game chat too. And if you have even remotely following what Sony has done with the Vita development kit is that they have been working closely with devs to make cheap development kits with more accessibilty. The PS Suite is also design to help indie dev start off.

Also, I too own a PS3, and will own a 3DS once it arrives. Also have a Wii, DS, and PSP in the house. I fail to see how what you own is even relevant to your argument or opinion. I am still hype about the PSVita. The one game I must have is Gravity Rush/Daze. I also see a lot of potiental in what Sony can do with the Vita.

Overall, it sounds like you know nothing about the PSVita.

user77927883009d ago

GTFO this thing does everything a ipad does and it has proper games and ACTUAL BUTTONS

and get this, it doesnt cost 500-700 dollars

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3009d ago
pain777pas3010d ago

Was there any BC save 2 games on the 360 when it launched? Does M$ use proprietary HD so 4gig owners are screwed? Nintendo does BC great but there are no enhancements in most cases at all. This author needs therapy, calm down and relax.

hkgamer3010d ago

Apart from the handhelds and the wii... Nintendo didn't have any backwards compatible

Protagonist3010d ago

In Europe, we are going to pay twice the amount and yet I am not complaining. $250-$300 would be cheap for me concidering...

Anyway, there is nothing in that article that has not already been said.

Weak launch ? Hah ! most people are going to get 2 to 5 titles during PSVITAs launch. It is anything but weak.

otherZinc3010d ago

Vita will fail.

Only the SONY loyal will purchase this product, after that, its done!

Hatmantc3009d ago

i know right.. it's not like it's the PSP ever sold million upon millions of units

CryofSilence3010d ago

What a troll article from a usually esteemed publication. Gamepro should be ashamed of this.

mynameisEvil3009d ago

Technically, they should be ashamed of everything from the past 2 or 3 years.

Samus HD3010d ago

why do you all REPLY when it has nothing to do with the comment above
really stop it

laaakokaracha3009d ago

game sites live by clicks...the more clicks the better...the worse and the more offensive an article the more clicks

Trebius3009d ago

lol what a lame writer. quit the crying you salty faggot.

caperjim3009d ago

I havent really paid much attention to news on the PS vita but from what im hearing you need an expensive sony memory card to save games?? What happened to cloud storage? Microsoft will have cloud storage for PC/xbox/phone. You will be able to play across platforms with the same save file.

I cant see this being a good thing for Vita if its true.

+ Show (21) more repliesLast reply 3008d ago
MultiConsoleGamer3010d ago

I've already spent over $500 on the Vita and I dont even own one yet...

nevin13010d ago

The safe bet is to wait it out and allow 1st gen owners be the usual guinea pigs or test dummies.

TheGamingArt3010d ago

How does this crap get passed. WOW, this article smells like poorly written crap trolling.

tiffac0083010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

You will always have detractors that would love to support articles like these to thank for that.

Anyway its the writers opinion, everyone is entitled to one no matter how flawed it seems to be.