10 Manga That Deserve a Good Game (Part 1 of 2)

Trendy Gamers: In the Video Game industry today we have many different intellectual properties that are turned into video games. More often than not I seem to find the movies, anime, manga, or tv shows that do become games don’t live up to the original material. Something needs to be done about this so I have devised my list of 10 Manga that really need to have a good Video Game made based on them. Here is the list and I hope everyone enjoys the first part (of 2) of it!

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rabidpancakeburglar2977d ago

With Kaizoku Misou coming out next year One Piece might actually get a good game (hopefully). I've never heard of Berserk but I checked it out there, I might try it after some other anime/manga that I'm interested in. It looks like it could make a decent (but not great) game.

CrescentFang2977d ago

What! You must go check out Berserk (it's my avatar/icon thing or whatever). However you will probably be disappointed by the mangaka's slow pace to finish the series. It's been on an irregular release schedule for a while (and before that hiatus). Though it's mature as hell so don't let any children see what yous is reading lol. Also the movies are coming out soon!
I want to play the PS2 game someday... I haven't read Gantz yet, but I plan to,and the same with Toriko...

NewMonday2977d ago

Berserk made me start reading Manga after the cliffhanger ending to the Anime, there will be a new Anime movie series that follow the manga more closely.

Gantz has the same level of sex and violence but it is sci-fi.

But be warned the 2 are very hardcore and dark, very different to anime like Naruto and One Piece

Tanir2977d ago

wtf? never heard of berseeeerk? dude get on it!!!!!!! its Imo one of the best anime/manga ever.

you can start with the anime if you wish. they removed somethings from the manga but it contains less spoilers than the manga........

sorta cuz the manga starts at the end, and well you already know what happened. in the anime they dont do that, they build up and shock you. you can get the series cheap or just download it. its hardcore

Zichu2977d ago

Wooo Toriko ^^
Been reading the Manga and watching the Anime. I just hope they don't turn these game adaptations into fighting games... I would prefer an RPG or action adventure.