Everything We Know About Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Covers 2006-Present)

Yoshinori Kitase of Square Enix has recently stated in an interview with Spanish website that they are working really hard on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and that we can expect some news in the coming months. As we wait, you might be surprised, but there may be some things about this title you do not know and what better way to brush up on Versus XIII news than to check out this wonderful preview we put together that details information about the game from (2006-present). Check it out.

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TOO PAWNED3151d ago

lol who cares at this point

Godmars2903151d ago

No one cares, or rather no one should because more than likely what's been "reported" may not be in the final version of the game. May even end up being multiplatform.

Lavalamp3151d ago

I care. Sure, it's been a long wait, and the small amount of information/media they've released hasn't exactly made the wait a very fun one. But it's still a game that interests me as a gamer, and I intend to purchase it when it becomes available.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3151d ago

Agreed. The wait is ridiculous but the game sounds so fun. Can't wait. XIII-2 can shove it.

PshycoNinja3151d ago

Funny that you guys care about XIII-2 but don't care for Versus XIII. Jealous much?

Knightofelemia3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

I have interestinf facts about the game feels like its on the back burner and Square is taking too long to release the game.

Setzer0073151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

@Godmars290 The source is and has alway's been, it is accurate.

tiffac0083151d ago

My money is still waiting Square Enix, get this game out already and take it!

jacksonmichael3151d ago

"Versus in Latin means “to turn around” and in English it means “against”. Both translations are the main keywords for this game."

Cool. I was kind of wondering what was up with that title.

PshycoNinja3151d ago

So "Final Fantasy Against XIII"? Sounds about right.

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