Destructoid: Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Review

Destructoid: Let's get this out of the way immediately. Despite being a Sony-published PS3 exclusive, despite starring a skeleton with a sword, and despite the game's name, Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest has absolutely zero relation to the PlayStation classic MediEvil.

Hopefully, that has set your expectations low, because expecting too much from Deadmund's Quest is fairly easy, especially given how promising it looks. As one of the few action-adventure games in the PlayStation Move's library, it aims to be more than your usual collection of waggle-based minigames.

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DarkTower8053148d ago

Not gonna lie, I do want to play this. I really like the art direction of the game and the use of the Move controls looks fun.

yesmynameissumo3148d ago

Only's on rails. I find it interesting that games created with kids in mind on Sony platforms (ease of control, cartoony characters, "easy" gameplay) get scores like this, but "Once Upon A Monster" for Kinect get "ZOMG, Double Fine!!!". It doesn't get reviewed, Double Fine does. This game is solid and fun as all hell. Really, a well done, pick up and play game any kid would enjoy...but b/c it's from Sony...6/10. Definitely give it a try.