Destructoid: Sony PlayStation 3D Display Review

Destructoid: Sony's love for 3D is no secret, with the company being unable to shut up about the gimmick's future potential. In order to show that potential, the company has taken matters into its own hands to create a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor.

Designed to easily hook up to your PS3 and guide you to a land of dimensional wonder, the Sony PlayStation 3D Display is aiming to make an ideal entry level demonstration of the technology.

I've gotten to spend some time with the display, and naturally I've got a few things to say about it.

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PixL2973d ago

"If you have more room or you're looking for a PC monitor, then I would suggest shopping around. There are displays out there far more suited to your needs than this."

Has this guy ever tried console signal with a PC monitor? I bet not. Monitors don't have image processors and scaled 720p signal looks terribly on them, while sub-HD image looks utterly terrible. That's why having a fullHD PC screen, I'm still waiting for Sony 3D display to show up in EU. You can't buy a 3D TV for that kind of money.

kikizoo2973d ago

"with the company being unable to shut up about the gimmick's future potential."

[email protected] sterling, big sony's hater/xfanboy...

jetlian2972d ago

its too small for the price plenty of tvs doing 2 player now