BootHammer: Jurassic Park – The Game Review (PC)

BootHammer Video Game Reviews is excited to release our review for Jurassic Park: The Game. It is an episodic, downloadable third-person adventure video game developed by Telltale Games that is based on the popular Jurassic Park franchise. The game takes place sometime after the system failure of the park in the first film.

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rattlesnake252974d ago

big fan of jurassic park movies. not a fan of the old games but i have to give it a try just to say that i did. who knows i may like it

BootHammer2974d ago

Definitely check it out! I think people have been over critical on this one...probably because it's the first JP game in forever,lol.

TrendyGamers2974d ago

One of the highest scores for the game!

BootHammer2974d ago

As my review states we did experience a few bugs (in the PC build) but the story and experience you get going back is well worth it for JP fans. Patches can fix the glitches so no worries there ;)