PSFocus: See the PlayStation Vita Starterspack in action

PSFocus writes: Last week we got the change to play a bunch of PlayStation Vita games and we also checked out some other features like the Starterspack. This will ship with every PlayStation Vita and will learn the player some off the basics and possibilities that the handheld offers.

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NukaCola2971d ago

With the Augmented Raeality games that seem to take two hands, I wonder if there will be a stand to sit the vita on. I guess you can play tanks using buttons and thumbsticks while still looking through the lens. I didn't know if you could prop it up and play virtual paper football or someting. The SMART AR really blows me away.

nevin12972d ago

You have to do all that?

Bach2972d ago

no, its just different ways of experiencing all the features Vita has to offer.

MasterCornholio2971d ago

Just think of it as optional training that teaches you how to manage the features if the device.


Shikoro2971d ago

You get trophies. I'm cool with it. :D

dcortz20272971d ago

The PS Vita looks like so much fun, day one buy for me no doubt!

NellyNel_7_1_32971d ago

you and me both bro! ps vita all day everyday 24/713!