Final Fantasy VII remake would take too long - Square

Square's responses to questioning over a much-requested remake have always been a bit cautious. The 'we here your cries but have no current plans' sort of responses.

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Kamikaze1352979d ago

I could imagine. While we wait, just remake V and VI :P

Godmars2902979d ago

Given that they'd have to "flesh out" those games as well if they put them on an HD console, what makes you think they wouldn't take any longer?

Kamikaze1352979d ago

They wouldn't take anywhere near as long if they were on, say, the Vita. Assuming this VII remake is on consoles.

princejb1342979d ago

it will take long but the wait will be worth it
we waited long for ff13 so i believe we can wait for ff7 remake
square just picture me giving you my money i know that would make you happy right

Panthers2978d ago

I mean if they started on it when they showed that concept, we would have it by now. And Square would be rolling in money. But no... they apparently dont understand this. It wouldnt take any longer than it did to make FF XIII and trust me, fans want this more.

But if you arent going to make it, THEN FINISH FFVS13

kefkah2979d ago

Kinda tears my heart out but it is true. Now as for a true sequel...

Canary2979d ago

No, it's not true. It really isn't. Remakes require LESS time than new games because so much of the time-consuming work is already done.

All they have to do is create the models and areas in the White Engine and set about recreating the original. But I guess that would take a lot more time than using areas and models from the last FF game for the newest one.

Basically, I'm saying Square Enix's laziness borders on incompetence.

HeavenlySnipes2979d ago

They also have to get voice actors (not like ffx where cutscenes were already voiced), model all the enemies, the summons, they can't just use the ps1 world map view, so they'd have to RECREATE THE ENTIRE WORLD, and try to do all this while getting Versus, Type-0(US) and any K. Hearts game done....

Kurisu2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

LESS time? That may be true for a reMASTER like FFX HD that was announced. But a full reMAKE of FFVII would take quite a lot of time. Sure the story is done but what about all the character models, areas, monsters, cinematics, voice acting, menus, battle system, summons etc. The time-consuming work is definitely not done.

EDIT: HeavenlySnipes got there just before me! Have a bubble...great minds and all :P

Reibooi2979d ago

There is so much more that would need to be done to make the game as good as it should be on current gen consoles. Alot more then make models and areas and done.

Firstly the script would have to be completely redone. I don't know if you have played FFVII recently but it has horrible engrish throughout and simply reusing it simply would not work and a rewrite for a game that size would be damn time consuming(one could argue a re write takes more time as you are re doing it but you still need to make sure it sounds and feels like the original)

Also while the towns and such exist already they might as well be concept art. You have to remember that FFVII backgrounds were pre rendered and not fully interactive like FF games have been since X. This means they basically are starting from scratch.

Add onto that the immense amount of sound work that would need to be done such as getting Uematsu back and redoing the entire massive soundtrack and adding tons of VO and it would take pretty much longer then a current FF since FFVII was so massive and deep.

Are SE lazy? Yeah kinda but it's not like this would be a year or 2 long thing it would take a sizable amount of time to do and I personally think it's smarter for them to save a FFVII remake for a rainy day. Or at the very least until next gen as they are almost done working on the new Luminous engine and they might as well go with the best tech they can when remaking FFVII.

novaspire2979d ago

what a completely ignorant comment. you cant just take every piece of code for the ff7 original and leave it at that. youve got to rework it for all the models, make sure theres voice acting as people wouldnt accept it without some, add new physics, change all the animations, redesign every single thing in a new graphical design for all the graphical updates since ff7, and then youd want all the extra content youd expect from a remake. this is equal to the amount of time it takes for a new game, and it is downright unrespectful to a decent company to say its incompetant for your opinion.

The Great Melon2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Essentially, a remake means no Final Fantasy XV for 4-5 years during the time all assets are funneled to the remake. While I would like to see Final Fantasy VII remade, do I want to sacrifice one of the few big games they make during that generation? At least Square Enix acknowledges that a FF7 remake isn't just a cash grab like FFX-2 or FFXIII-2.

However, I disagree with Kitase's comment about how PS1 era games are incompatible with PS3 era games. If I were to continue the trend he suggests to the future PS5, Final Fantasy would occur in a single room with his logic. Bull! I understand the emphasis of the game might have to be different, but the same story could be told.

Bereaver2979d ago

I'm not sure why they would disagree about it taking less time.

I mean, it's better than making a game from scratch. You have a story, you have basic character, setting, and atmosphere models already made from the original. It would definitely take less time to make than any other from scratch game that can keep you busy for that amount of time.

But I can see how they would disagree about "all they have to do".

They still have things to do like others mentioned.

radphil2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

"No, it's not true. It really isn't. Remakes require LESS time than new games because so much of the time-consuming work is already done.

All they have to do is create the models and areas in the White Engine and set about recreating the original. But I guess that would take a lot more time than using areas and models from the last FF game for the newest one. "

FF7 - PS1 Title - Low poly models - No Voice Acting - No achievements - CGI Cutscenes

FF7 Remake - Would be on the new platforms - Higher poly models - Voice acting - New CGI Cutscenes.

Meaning that EVERY model has to be remade, the script has to be changed up slightly, there has to be voice acting now, and they have to change up the movies. That takes MORE resources than you think.

Yea....that so requires less time than new games. /Sarcasm

I swear people are confusing Remake for Remastering.

On a side note I find it hilarious for people saying that it's too "lazy", when you look at various indie people that tried their hand at remakes/"sequels" to games, and it took years.

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DasBunker2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

because FF VS release and development was so fast... oh wait how long people have been waiting for that?

DragonKnight2979d ago

This. I was going to say the same thing. They are just making excuses for being lazy and the fact that because Sony owns the FFVII IP, they can't make a remake multiplat. Versus XIII has taken 6 years and counting, what's the hold up? If they can make us wait this long for a damn spinoff, I don't think we'll mind waiting for an FFVII remake. And really, if there are other games as expansive as FFVII out now with modern graphics and released sooner than, say, 10 years; SE have no real excuse.

Nodoze2979d ago

I simply don't understand why almost all of the Japanese devs are having such a hard time with HD? Capcom, Square, Polyphony Digital etc etc

Why can american devs turn out games + sequels in the time it is taking most Japanese devs to turn out a single title? 6+ year dev cycles are a recipe for going bankrupt. I just don't get it.

Understand that I am not biased here, I am asking because I truly miss the greats.

Dark_Overlord2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Sony don't own the Final Fantasy 7 IP (thats Square-Enix), they only have the publishing rights in Europe and America (Square published the game in Japan and other International territories) :)

And even then its only on consoles, Eidos had the rights to publish on PC (Square-enix now own them, I believe that the FF7 publishing rights influenced this take over)

RememberThe3572979d ago

Hey yeah! Where the f*ck is FFvs?!

saladthieves2979d ago

Looks like RememberThe357 just remembered!

richierich2979d ago

Typical of Square Enix not listening to their fans just keep making games like FF13

torchic2979d ago

"just keep making games like FF13" - i dare you to list one other game "like FF13"

Square Enix makes 13 main series games, they make 1 that isn't as perfect as the other 12 and now Square Enix is the worst company in the world? it's kinda like, you getting a 4.0 gpa every semester and then in one semester, you get a 3.4 (a relative score for Final Fantasy XIII) and then everybody calls you stupid; a failure? how's that fair?

i think Square Enix gets it waaay too hard from fans and critics. FFXIII stands at an 83 on Metacritic, while Modern Warefare 3 stands at an 88. i will never understand that. ever.

Ddouble2978d ago


Glad it's not just me saying this.

Marceles2979d ago

Like their new stuff doesn't take long?

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