The Most Unappreciated First-Person Shooters of 2011 writes: The shooter genre in 2011 was, unsurprisingly, dominated by the blockbuster multiplayer shooter. The likes of 'Battlefield 3', 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' and 'Killzone 3' seem to have received most of the attention, deservedly so considering their large fan bases and online communities of competitive gamers.

Gamers made their thoughts clear on what the best shooters of the year were, and as expected the calls were all for the year's biggest first-person shooters.

But what about the forgotten gem? The game that doesn't quite live up to the expectations the illustrious blockbuster can so easily meet? As 2011 comes to a close, let's look back at the unappreciated first-person shooter gems that you may have missed.

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Trainz2981d ago

Truth is... they all sucked.

Mutley4162981d ago

no...but Call of Judy & BattleField have changed the way we play one wants to learn all that Insomniac Crazy Gun Game.

Resistance was great when every body used Carbines, Shotguns & The Fareye...the other Guns kinda made the game off kilter.

I really like Insomnaic...but the FPS market is back to MW3...gtg

Grimhammer002981d ago

I loved just needed more maps on disc and more modes.

The real issue is mw3. My fps of choice. Is it influencing our fps's too much? Yes! And I see no way to stop it now.

And I don't want it to be stopped. But improvements and graphics overhaul would be nice.

TheFallenAngel2981d ago

Forgive me Resistance 3! I will buy you friday when I get paid. I should of bought it day one. Like Resistance: FOM and R2. Resistance: FOM still the better Resistance judging from playing R3 beta.

49erguy2981d ago

R3 was fun, but the last time I played (over a month ago) all the high ranks used the electric gun. It was VERY overpowered. Also, I got into a lot of matches with people who used a combination of the ammo beacon and a rocket launcher. That was it for me.

SilentNegotiator2981d ago

R3's MP was incredibly generic and scaled down. R2's MP CO-OP mode and large scale battles were great.

But R3's SP was easily my favorite in the series.

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