Life-Size Gundam About to Return to Odaiba

The Life-Size Gundam statue is about to return to Odaiba Island in Tokyo. Great news for all who want to see it and did not have the chance the last time. The construction has already begun and is scheduled for completion somewhere in Spring 2012. It will be displayed until the year 2013.

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Knightofelemia2980d ago

Looks awsome wish I could see it lol. So if DBZ reached the 30 yr mark will they errect a statute of Goku?

feedurhabit2978d ago

Uh huh, uh huh, he said erect

r212978d ago

awesome! but how is this related to games? :L unless its related an upcoming gundam game.

hazelamy2978d ago

damn, i would love to go see that in person.