GTA V: That Just Might Be Tommy Vercetti After ALL

Gaming’s biggest franchise has been the topic of rumors, speculations, and industry wide wish list, from bloggers and gamers around the web. Though GTA V’s story is still a mystery, the biggest question on GTA V is surrounding the games main character. When the trailer launched almost everyone thought the main character was Tommy Vercetti (including us). A rumor that was quickly crushed by a posting on IMDB claiming that a new character, Albert De Silva, will be featured as the new protagonist in the game. After doing some digging, Albert De Silva(whoever he is) could be making an appearance in GTA 5, but his reveal doesn’t necessarily cancel out the return of Tommy Vercetti.

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rabidpancakeburglar2973d ago

I somehow doubt that Tommy Vercetti would actually survive that long as a crime kingpin so if he is still alive in the modern day to be in GTA V that would surprise me.

MultiConsoleGamer2973d ago

Tommy was born in 1951.

This game is set in the present day. So Tommy would be 62 years old.

Definitely not Tommy.

DarkBlood2973d ago

what you dont think a 62 old would have the balls to do shit? :P

omi25p2972d ago

The guy in the trailer doesnt looked old enough

r1sh122972d ago

ye can we be expected to play an old person who probably has terrible
He could be a mission in the game where we have to make a deal with some other crime lord in the game, but I doubt hes playable

DonaldBeck2973d ago

tommy could be 75 and still be rollin like a pimp

Mike_Tha_Hero2972d ago

I think the general idea of a retired crime affiliate will be used, but it's more than likely not Tommy.

galgor2972d ago

Whilst I don't think he'll be a playable character, there's nothing to rule him out as a dodgy old buildings contractor.

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