Konami Puts New Security System in Place to Ward off “Cybercriminals”

Ever since the devastating PlayStation Network outage that took the gaming world by storm, other companies have begun to beef up their own levels of cyber-security and Konami is no exception. - PSLS

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decimalator2976d ago

It's true. Anything can be hacked. Of course, even just keeping your systems fully patched makes it a lot harder for intruders. But it's also hard to balance patching with the need for high service availability. People don't like downtime. But they also don't like security breaches.

insertcoin2976d ago

Not surprised, really. As long as Konami isn't charging extra for the security measures, I'm for it.

Oaklnd2976d ago

thats good, all the hackers

C_Menz2976d ago

I think it would be smarter if Konami didn't announce this. Saying you are upgrading and making it harder will just attract some hacker to hack them to make them look stupid.

rezzah2975d ago

They'd then piss people off by not updating them on Konami's securer system.

Hard to believe but that's how some human minds work.