Rainbow 6: Patriots - No One is Safe

Years of political and economic frustration have finally hit a boiling point. Though the United States military has long trained for terrorism abroad, its greatest fear is about to be realized. Domestic terrorists finally have a leader and a voice, and they're ready to strike back at the sources of their anger, to take back that which they believe was stolen from them - their country. The rules of modern warfare are about to be thrown out the window as America's own cities become the battlegrounds of the future.

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360ICE2977d ago

Switzerland is probably safe.

PhantomT14122976d ago

Lol, it was the first location to be attacked in TC's novel.

360ICE2974d ago

Doesn't make sense to me yo.
"Hey guys! Why not attack the most politically neutral country ever, placed in the middle of Europe with tons of hostile countries surrounding it. It's not the cold war anymore that's for sure.

360ICE2973d ago

Waaaa? Most money in banks are credit which can't really be robbed. Switzerland has gold reserves but them bars be marked so you can illegalize trade with them. Ah hell if I know. Tom Clancy seems like a guy who knows his wars.