Sorry, Dark Souls: I want more hand-holding

Should players be able to discover everything in a game without help from a community or guide?

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RedDead3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Don't play it then.

Exactly GamerRulz.

Trebius3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Amen. Dont play it then. Let us that enjoy the game continue paying and playing ... others that need to hold hands go play something else ....

I did my first playthrough of the game without any outside help, no wiki, no research, NOTHING. cause i enjoyed Demons Souls so much and i didnt want to cheapen the experience.

Children cant play this game, theyre too used to searching for answers right away when they cant pass something.

I was raised playing atari 2600 and NES, i know what gaming is supposed to be like, and this is the closest thing to REAL gaming than 99% of the easy garbage out there.

Those of u that cant hack it, play hello kitty island adventures i hear thats easy'

vickers5003148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

"i know what gaming is supposed to be"

Gaming isn't "supposed" to be anything except fun.

"and this is the closest thing to REAL gaming than 99% of the easy garbage out there."

Damn, and here I was enjoying myself playing these other video games, when really, I wasn't even playing real games.

Hmm, I guess the only "real games" are the ones that frustrate you and piss you off. Oh well, if that's the case, then I'm fine playing my fake games.

I tend not to have a large and undeserved ego or think that playing harder games somehow makes me more of a man (because anyone who honestly thinks that way would be pretty pathetic), so playing games that are easy don't really bother me.

GamersRulz3148d ago

all things he complained about is what makes Dark Souls special for me.

also nobody asked you to look for tips on the internet !!
you have the choice to explore mysteries alone whether you find it or not, that's the point in this game.

Cenobia3148d ago

I do not have internet where I live (nothing decent enough to pay for anyway) and there is a spot in Anor Londo which I cannot comprehend being able to find without help. I would have literally scoured every inch of the area for hours and never found how to get to the next area.

If my someone who had already played this part didn't happen to be watching and then tell me where to go I would have been SOL. I love the game, but that experience has me worried for how possible this game really is in offline mode.

That being said there are always the wiki's if I get really stuck.

GamersRulz3148d ago

I got what you mean, but believe me, when I was a little kid, I used to stuck in the original Tomb raider (1,2,3,4) for months and I love it because that sense of achievement that you get after your hard work is priceless. that why I hated all TR games that followed because it was full of hints and guidelines.

I totally see your point and I understand your frustration.

NYC_Gamer3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

sorry,but we need more games like dark souls less hand holding...

Captain Qwark 93148d ago

i agree but disagree. i just had this conversation with my buddy the other day becuase he is pissed about the gps arrow in skyrim. while i agree games were more fun and better without such things, as they provided a much greater sense of surprise and often proved way more challenging, times have simply changed. the problem isnt with the games adding these features, its the times we live in. the thing is, every time somebody gets stuck these days, or wants to know whats next, or what the best item is, its so easy to find out just use the INTERNET!!!!

and since its so easy to get on the net, tablet, computer, laptop, phone, etc....there is just no point as a dev to make the gamer do the extra step to go online, just tell him where to go or what to do if he wishes to know, although i do think they should have option to turn off/on these "helpful hints".

sadly i miss the old days where not everyone one of my buddies could beat a game, or if you got stuck the first thing you did was call a buddy up and say "hey did you pass this yet" or "whats the best item you found so far".....or god forbid you just spent a little extra time to figure it out.....

but anyway, those days are long gone man, get over it and move on, things are only going to get easier. and for all those claiming to be "hardcore" then joining a wiki site or buying the guide...i got news for you, just becuase its not the game, you still have something holding your hand...

Hicken3148d ago

Yeah, let's make it so that people don't have to work for anything in a game anymore...

spektical3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

play skyrim then.

jk, but honestly this game brings fresh air into the game industry.

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