Burning Embers: The Problems With Releasing Games On Time

Burning Embers latest Monday Editorial

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Kahvipannu3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Industry have changed a lot, games are way more complicated and bigger. Development costs have risen to heaven, and publishers don't wait for ever, you need to get the game out at some point so you can sell it and make money.

It also goes for the type of game, let's look Skyrim for example. The game is huge and full of options and has brand new engine. The more you give freedom to player, the bigger the game is, there will more likely be glitches/bugs, and they are harder to find.

I can personally give pass to games like this with this problem, they will be fixed, and you can't avoid bugs in them. Personally I'm still waiting in Skyrims case, so that few patches more come, and there is even more content from modding community.

But the punchline is that games are so complicated these days, that there will always be bugs, and money order how much time you have to make the game. Not all have the pleasure to work theyr titles as long as Epic, Valve, ND, etc can.