PS3 Sees 'Strong Demand' During Black Friday Weekend, says Sony

PS3, according to Sony, has done well for itself during the official start to the all-important holiday shopping season: Black Friday. IndustryGamers heard from a Sony representative who said that sales for the console and games were indeed strong. Numerous retailers, including big box stores like Walmart, had fantastic deals to drive interest.

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Iamback2982d ago

Yeah yeah yeah. Just give us numbers, who cares about your PR BS

donniebaseball2982d ago

That's what Sony does all the time unfortunately. Same as when NPD comes out - you never get numbers, just comments these days. MS on the other hand tends to give out the numbers.

FourGees2982d ago Show
KingSlayer2982d ago

Whatever you say Mr. Joined 2 days ago! Had to create a new account for trolling I see.

Also, $99 Wiis probably took BF, not that it matters.

WhiteLightning2982d ago

"MS on the other hand tends to give out the numbers."

Because numbers is all Microsoft has got these days

yesmynameissumo2982d ago

Who cares about numbers, give me games. And they're doing that.

TOO PAWNED2982d ago Show
Majin-vegeta2982d ago

@Too pawned yea im sure that's why Resistance,Killzone2,Infamous, etc didn't warrant enough purchases for sequels...Oh wait yea they did so your comment wreaks of trolling.

KingSlayer2982d ago Show
Drekken2982d ago

Oh siligon, go back to your moms basement with that angst. Enough...

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PirateThom2982d ago

Those numbers are truly an unmatched experience, both engaging and interesting, hopefully they can improve on the mistakes in the sequel. For now, though, they remain top of their game. 9.5/10 - Editor's Choice Award

morkendo232982d ago

tomorrow will read same article but about 360

MikeGdaGod2982d ago

but by the time i made it to Best Buy the idea of having TWO PS3's vs a PS3 and a 360 was too much for me to resist.

i just said "f*ck it" and got the PS3 holiday bundle and a new 42" LG LED tv.

i'm really not into FPS's and the 360 doesn't have enough games that interest me to take the plunge. I have a premium Gamefly account so it's not about getting access to all the games...there's just not anything i feel i have to play on that system.

i me crazy...but i'd rather have two PS3's and now i do!!! horray for me!!!

gamingdroid2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Too bad most people only are able to use one console at any time....

I would opt to expand my possibility so I own all three consoles, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, but find beyond the Xbox 360 I hardly use the other two.

kneon2982d ago

Well there is good reason to own multiple PS3s, it cuts down on the arguing over who plays next and therefore gives everyone more play time. We have 3 PS3s, a Wii, many PCs, and no Xboxes, and no one has asked for one.

yesmynameissumo2982d ago

I have 2 PS3s as well (family room & bedroom, Wii in the den) and it's great. There really is no point in having a console you won't play.

What's the point in owning all 3 consoles, when you only play the 360? I'd rather own 2 of the same console I will play, than 2 I won't.

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Abash2982d ago

Awesome, with such a great Black Friday bundle and price, it deserves the sales.

ForROME2982d ago

Def that 199.99 dollar deal is killer! Everyone should pick up a PS3 at that price

DiRtY2982d ago

my money is on 360>Wii>PS3 for the BF week

Captain Qwark 92982d ago

i say 360>PS3>Wii......i say all did over 500,000 though....

rob60212982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I would agree, Kinect is too much like the wii, but even worse for only selling during the holidays. Watch MS announce huge sales for black friday, then go quiet about sales till next holiday season.

kneon2982d ago

I saw 4gb Xbox+Kinect bundles for $199, those surely must have sold out. I don't if that bundle was widely available at that price, if it was then the numbers could be huge.

hotrider122982d ago

just give us numbers and GAMES!!

Tito082982d ago

They are giving you games dude, unless you don't have a PS3!!!! Forget about the numbers since the console is already at an stable instal base, nobody should give a fuck about numbers when all consoles and handhelds are doing just about fine, and are all successful!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.