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tdogchristy902976d ago

Good, I can finally install thus to my hard drive.

tdogchristy902976d ago


And *thus* was a type...I mean *this*

AliTheBrit4202976d ago

haha, A Kiwi is someone from New Zealand

With their accent, when they say "This" I guess it sounds more like "Thus"

tdogchristy902976d ago

Aw, hehe ok. Nope, not a kiwi :)

AliTheBrit4202976d ago

Bethesda I came across a bug I really dont think is known about..

I killed a man in a mine, then walked out, I got a letter from a courier, well a few things, some gold, a letter saying “you dont know me but you killing *forgot his name* was helpful for me, please come see me at so and so” and a letter of inheritance for the man

Interesting I thought.. I was about to start a rampage, so I reloaded to a save just before killing him

Killed him, and this time only him, and went outside, THIS time, the same courier only gave me the gold and inheritance thing.. no letter this time to go see him

So I reloaded one last time, and this time the courier didn’t show up, Its now been weeks in-game and its clear he’s never coming

So yeah, there’s a glitch…

Also! the levelling is annoying

I wanted to get my Smithing to 100, so I did, by creating and selling weapons, because I wanted to create my own glass/dragon/daedric etc. things

But in doing so, it shot me up like 10 levels, which I didn’t want, and now as a result, I’m having my arse HANDED to be on a silver plate by a cave full of bandits! had no choice but to lower difficultly which will ultimately mean I’ll level up everything even slower!

Oh the irony.

But aside from all that, LOVING Skyrim :)

AAWELLS092976d ago

I dont think that quest thing your talking about is a bug i believe its the Radient AI/Story(i think its called that) giving you random quest. A very similar thing happened to me but when i quit and reloaded it to play the situation out differently it never happen and you could tell it was a random encounter. The Radient Story will make random situations.

SwampCroc2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

that's your own fault for leveling them both... if you wanted to increase Smithing without rapidly gaining levels... then your best bet was to create items until skill level 95...

Preferably jewelry because the ingredients are plentiful and the items weigh very little.... and then just hoard the items....

FYI - Master Smithing Trainer = Eorlund Grey-Mane, Whiterun

Expert Smithing Trainer = Balimund in Riften

Journeyman Trainer - Ghorzha in Markarth...

each one can train you 5 times in that respective skill if you have the gold...

so this could help you instead of doing it all the long way... and this can also help to make sure you don't level up other skills..

for future reference ofcourse. :)

because you sold them... you also were leveling up the Speech skill... and that is why you leveled up so many times faster...

I would have stopped at 95 and then found a Master Trainer in the Smithing Skill to teach me the last 5 levels.

FCOLitsjustagame2975d ago

The leveling is not broken is made like that on purpose. You should be higher level by the time you get glass, dragon, daedric armor and weapons. You do not need them at low level unless you work hard on one of the quest to get one.

It would be broken if it allowed you to have those things when you were a very low level as it would break the balance of the game.

Disccordia2976d ago

Maybe now the 360 version will actually load textures at all. Seriously the pop in is ridiculously and half the time it doesn't do it at all. I don't know why they put signposts in because I can't read them and all rocks in skyrim are a blurry textureless mess.

I can't be arsed with PC gaming generally because it's such a faff but in this case I think I made a mistake lol

Nitrowolf22976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I was hoping they would fix this bug (possible spoiler)
(look under bugs)

I went straight to Throat of The World before I decided to give back the Lexicon, now it says to wait until he is finished, which never happens

danswayuk2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

The patch was 2.01 on PS3's in the UK, strange how it is called 1.2 in the notes.

limewax2976d ago

Because the first update on PS3 was wrongly named 2.0 when it was supposed to be 1.1 and the PS3 will not let you revert updates. It has to climb numerically or the system will not allow it

MizTv2976d ago

how about a patch so i can lvl up my fn jump!!!!!!


noobs don't understand both morrowind and oblivion had you level up if you kept jumping. made walking/exploring more interesting because you getting rewareded

sonicsidewinder2976d ago

It's too much strain for nooby minds to take.

2Negative2976d ago

No mention of a fix for quest that cant be completed because you got the quest item before being given the quest. :(

joab7772976d ago

I was hoping form that too. I don't care if some animations r cleared up, I want to b able to complete quests. Itisnt as simple as avoiding an area until it is part of a quest because I got an item early while doing another quest in the same cave. There's Horton b a patch that allows npcs to c ur inventory and act accordingly or to recheckur progress and act accordingly.

vickers5002976d ago

Don't know if this would work, but you could give it a shot:

Go do something to get arrested and put in jail so the guards take everything away from you and put it in the evidence box, then either serve out your time or break out and take all your stuff back and maybe having it placed into your inventory again will make the quest unstuck.

That's just something I thought of to try though, it's not any official fix or anything, but if you have a broken quest, it's worth a shot.

SephirothX212976d ago

Can they remove quest items? I got the golden claw before getting the quest and I had no problem finishing it.I've had no quest issues so far. Playing on pc.

vickers5002976d ago


I don't know actually, I was just telling him to test it out and see if they do.

Hayabusa 1172975d ago


I've had both. I've picked up items before a quest and when the quest starts I can say "is this the item you wanted?" and they're like "WTF? How did you get that?!" :)

Unfortunateltly I've also has the "I've already got that item: nothings happening" problem. Even worse, I went to find another of that item as indicated by the game/quest and when I pick it from the dead body, nothing happens: it remains stuck in my inventory while the mission marker still points at the dead body I got it from :p

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