Razer Hydra The First PC Motion Control

Razer released the first PC motion control in the world called Razer Hydra. Razer Hydra’s features are ultra-low latency and precise one-to-one tracking.

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death2smoochie3145d ago

Expensive but interesting...

You knew something like this was coming because there were many Wii remote hacks for the PC ages ago...

ATi_Elite3145d ago

Not really the first.

Wiimotes already work on the PC and something else was made before then i just cant remember the name of it.

T9003145d ago

Yes but why would anyone want to gimp their gameplay by using one of these. A gaming mouse is easily the superior gaming choice. Anyone using these will be at a disadvantage.

The only place i see this being sensible is to hook it up to my HTPC so i can use this is a mouse while in the couch, i wouldnt use it for game play though.

nskrishna23145d ago

Hydra Vs Death Adder...
I'll go for Death Adder

StayStatic3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Hehe my thoughts exactly

***clicks add reply with Death Adder***

Animals_as_Leaders3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

*sigh* keep your console gimmicks.

I care about gameplay and narrative. Overpriced peripherals and features that do not improve gameplay do not interest me. Wake me up when games and hardware are no longer marketed to 12 year old males.


I've got a death adder too *brofist*

nskrishna23144d ago

He he what would be the appropriate reply?
*bro fist back*?..:P

DA has to be one of the best mouse in the market...2500dpi of goodness, perfect fit for my hand and it's cheap comparitively (not counting mx518)

Letros3144d ago

Deathadder is great for a palm grip, but I'm a claw grip player, Roccat Kova [+] all the way :-)

hesido3144d ago

Razer Hydra has so much potential. It is unfortunate that Sony had to do with camera tracking tech, and the fact that razer Hydra has analog sticks on both hands and dual wielding is standard, it allows more than what Move can achieve.

I still believe the missing analog buttons, and a minimum of two motion controllers as standard is Sony's missed chance.