Assassin’s Creed:

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations puts you in a beautifully re-created world of Constantinople. Players once again, assume the role of Ezio Audtiore, the assassin from Florence, facing a much greater threat then ever, a threat which can destroy the whole world. The templars are at leash again, and this time. Their plans are more sinister then ever. Revelations isn’t completely Ezio’s story, it is also, Desmond’s story. A bartender-cum-Assassin whose brain is being examined to bring out the secrets that can forbid the destruction of planet earth. Desmond’s brain is a captive inside the Animus, a machine which helps his companions to get into his hereditary rememberings. This cybernated asylum is portrayed as an island, where glittering doors lead to mysterious destinations emphasize a visualized seaboard. This is a place where Desmond and the puzzling subject sixteen dig into Desmond’s rememberings and repents in rather long speeches that sheds light on Desmond’s previous life.

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