CVG: Call of Duty Elite: What it offers and why it will make you a better player

CVG: There are tens of millions of Call of Duty fans waiting for Modern Warfare 3, and still playing every one of the games. From Modern Warfare to Black Ops, each still has an army on active service every single night. And

Lord Kitchener Activision wants them all to enlist - not just for MW3, but to Call of Duty Elite, a new multiplayer service that integrates the entire series. A service that, though free at the point of entry, can command a high price. So how seriously do you take your killing? CoD Elite takes it very seriously indeed.

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phinch2972d ago

This titled is aimed at kids with more money than sense, its duscusting

StanLee2972d ago

All it offers was available in Black Ops last year at no cost and you didn't have to exit the game to view it all.


what a joke... sorry, you are going to have to try a lot harder then that.

MizTv2972d ago

i just got it 2 save some money on the map packs.i could care less what it does

Kahvipannu2972d ago

Well, it's still a joke. The DLC Activision is pushing out haven't been worth the price with last games, overpriced. Tought maybe they will this time actually change theyr behaviour, only time will tell..