GamePro: Saints Row: The Third 'Gets' GTA Better Than GTA

GamePro: One of the season's big releases that doesn't seem to be getting much discussion is THQ's Saints Row: The Third. Pete explains why you should care.

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r1sh122982d ago

Cant make that comparison since GTA V isnt out.

Drabent2982d ago

nope but did own GTA IV, to bad SR3 is shorter...

YodaCracker2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Get back to me when Saints Row: The Third becomes the highest rated game of the last decade, eclipses sales of 22 million, and remains in the Top 10 most active games on Xbox LIVE over 3.5 years after its release.

Or just get back to me when the game's vehicles don't look and handle like Matchbox cars, or when the entire city of Stilwater or Steelport has as much detail and character as just one block in GTA IV's Liberty City.

None of these things will ever happen, but I'm still putting it out there.

ShabbaRanks2982d ago

I was shocked when I saw how much they removed from saints row 2 . No more mall, less stores, less activities ... I was really disappointed, I did the first 20 missions and quit playing. Still playing Uncharted multiplayer now... I will get back to saints row later, but this is definitively not a GTA killer, just the GTAV trailer was FUCKING EPIC tho !

DigitalRaptor2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The GTA V trailer is off the hook, and that's just a teaser. From the looks of it, Rockstar gets GTA more than anyone. Clearly they've learned what was wrong with GTA IV.

Saints Row: The Third is a ridiculous game and it's fun, but c'mon... GTA V isn't even out yet. So let's wait, eh?