Pokemon: Gaming Classic Or Recycled Trash?

Wes C of writes:

"Pokémon wasn’t just a hugely successful video game. Following the auspicious sales figures, Pokémon became a household name, spawning TV shows, toys, clothing and movies. Everywhere you looked, Pokémon was there trying to make a grab for your wallet like a carefully placed hobo, and rightly so. Game Freak had created a game that encompassed the youth of the nineties. It was current, fun to play and trading Pokémon was the talk of the playground, or the office for those that would admit it.
With all this praise, all these accolades, how is possible that I despise Pokémon with such a passion? It’s all about evolution!"

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Misterhbk2973d ago

The pokemon games are the Call of Duty games of the handheld world. They come out with 2-3 per console generation ( one remake, one new, one special version) and even thought they play exactly like the last one with very minor changes, it sells by the boatload.

TruthbeTold2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Gotta love how the writer talks about the series in past tense even though Pokemon still sells more than almost everything else out there on the market...

I want a Pokemon MMORPG as badly as anyone, but if your patience is gone then just move on. There's plenty to love about the core game mechanics and their ongoing evolution.

SyluxPT2973d ago

awesome pic made my day!

Hicken2973d ago

I would rather play yearly releases of Pokemon than yearly Call of Duty titles.

In nearly every Pokemon game, there's an entirely new roster of Pokemon, new locations, et cetera. While the gameplay hasn't changed much since the first release, the content is drastically different in each game. Not so with Call of Duty.

kikizoo2973d ago

but even if call of duty turned to be a "not so good" fps, you can play the game if you have more than 10 years...

"I want a Pokemon MMORPG as badly as anyone"

uh ? I don't know a single adult gamer who wants that.

Pozzle2973d ago

Really? You've never heard people asking for a Pokemon MMORPG? I haven't played a Pokemon game for about five or so years, but even back then people were asking for a great, big online RPG where you could explore a massive world, capture heaps of Pokemon, and fight them against other players.

TheFirstClassic2972d ago

I dunno about that, the ones on the gbc were the best, the ones on the gba were getting a little stale, and I only played one on the ds. Feels like it gets old to me, plus some of the new pokemon just seem wierd in my opinion.

Hicken2972d ago

Well, undoubtedly, they're getting old to people who've grown up with the games. But just imagine if, instead, there had been one game a year that changed as little as Call of Duty games do. Maybe five new pokemon and a handful of new characters. One new island to explore per game. In my opinion, that'd be a game I wouldn't play.

On the other hand, if the Call of Duty games changed as much as Pokemon games do, and/or didn't come out on a yearly basis like clockwork, they'd feel far more fresh than they do now.

MasterCornholio2973d ago

Pokemon games are great for the kids and the trading aspect of it can provide a pretty deep social experience. However after playing so many pokemon games I start to get bored of them because they all play the same. But that's why the series is so popular in the first place.


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