So, Is This How You Troll Dual Thumbsticks?

Kotaku: For years now, gamers have been saying that the PSP's Achilles' heel was the single circle pad. Sony is on the verge of releasing the PS Vita, which sports dual thumbsticks. And gamers are still bitching.

A Japanese gamer checked out the Vita at an in-store promotion noting that there is a severe space dearth between the buttons and the right thumbstick—ditto, for the left.

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raWfodog3139d ago

People will complain about anything and everything.

TardcoreGamer3139d ago

I could tell this would become a problem when i first saw pics of it being held...looked very unnatural the way the thumb was bent.

Then Greg Miller from IGN confirmed my suspicions when he wrote an article about the Vita being hard to hold.

Now this furthers the claim..

TheFirstClassic3139d ago

He said the reason it was hard to hold was because he had to keep his fingers off of the back touchpad, he had no problems with the thumbstick or buttons, and neither has anyone else who has played the Vita. I wouldn't have a problem with it because I am used to holding the psp the way you have to hold the Vita anyway.

Adolph Fitler3139d ago

Put them too far away & your vilified, put them too close together & your vilified....Sony will always find it hard to win, unless they virtually go broke & then become the longshot underdog. Trebd whores following the Sony hating trend since PS1 & 2's total domination, & a couple of misteps from Sony with the PS3.

Get over it, Sony know what the are doing....The PSP is the best handheld in history by a longshot, & the Vita looks to dethrone PSP of that crown & become the best handheld available on the market.

Qrphe3139d ago

If I didn't find problems with the PSP's circle pad, I'm sure I'll be fine with the Vita's ACTUAL thumbsticks. People will end up modding them anyway.