STN: Motorstorm RC preview

STN Writes:

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited along to the Vita Rooms event in London, giving us the chance to get our hands on the recently announced MotorStorm RC for PlayStation Vita and PS3. Needless to say we came away impressed.

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remanutd553139d ago

super Awesome !!!! little Lunatics Unite !!!

HellzAssassin3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Hell yeahh! God damn I LOVE Motorstorm! Best racing franchise this generation; hands down! I've got em' all! (except for Apocalypse...) Even Arctic Edge on my PSP(:

The only reason why I've held off on Apocalypse was because of the demo... the new handling controls seemed really off and I hated it. The new features look damn good though; so I'll pick it up in the near future.

But as soon as I heard those little engines revving in MS: RC, I couldn't stop laughing, in a good way! They sounded so "cute" yet badass! Can't wait for this :)

remanutd553139d ago

you seriously need to get Apocalypse i totally love it , of course i miss the dirt on the cars , huge crashes from Monument Valley and insane AI , beautiful environments from Pacific Rift but all the features packed on the online portion of Apocalypse make for all that , weekly challenges for free , perks , bets , 16 players online , part challenges and more ( takes time to do all of it )

HellzAssassin3138d ago

Hmm... No more insanely difficult AI in Apocalypse? I guess that's a good thing, to an extent.

But I love Pacific Rift! It's near the top of my most favourite racing games of all time. I doubt any other Motorstorm can beat that one... Maybe Apocalypse will change that...? I want a new full fledged Motorstorm though! I do wish that this RC one had the same camera angle as the previous ones, but for it being a small DL Title, I'll definitely check it out for sure. Looks pretty good (:

Kurisu3139d ago

I might pick this up, but I'm not sure if I would get on well with the camera angle.

dcortz20273138d ago

The MotorStorm game for the PS Vita looks like great fun!