Skyrim: The Best-Looking Game Of 2011?

NowGamer: In-game art site makes a strong case.

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NukaCola2982d ago

Best-Looking is a good term instead of Best Graphics. Skyrim is gorgeous and although not as technically on the upper hand for graphics, the world is still unbelievable.

WolfLeBlack2982d ago

Agreed. It's not quite got the technical prowess of other titles this year, especially with some of its clumsy animations, but the art design and stunning vistas make a strong case for Skyrim. Though I have to say that Rayman: origins is also a beautiful game to behold.

Raoh2981d ago

I keep hearing how great Rayman: Origins looks, I was going to hold off on that one but it seems it may need to move up on my list of games to play.

WolfLeBlack2981d ago

@Raoh: I'd never recommend a game soley on how it looks, but thankfully Rayman has some great gameplay backing it up as well. If you enjoy your platformers then I'd heartily recommend it to you.

DonaldBeck2982d ago

yeah, the graphics are not the best, but still good by all means, the art/world is whats really amazing.

Smokeeye1232981d ago

The textures pop in SO BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Hufandpuf2981d ago

You can make cardboard look beautiful if you place it right. Skyrim is amazing, but compared to other games out this year, the tech isn't.

DeeZee2981d ago

Nope, after playing The Witcher 2 on max settings nothing this year compares.

RedDead2981d ago

Yeah W2 has both beautiful art and great tech wise. Skyrim has lovely Aurora's though

TheGameFoxJTV2981d ago

Yea, look at the Aurora in the end of one of my videos. It's so damn cool. Skip to 1:30

Bigpappy2981d ago

I am not going to dispute how great the witcher looks, as I have not played it. But is it a large, opened-world, game like Skyrim, and does it have the content?

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The story is too old to be commented.