Potential PS3 Pitfalls get an Overhaul.

Gaming Horizon has just released an article evaluation the Top Ten biggest PS3 downfall scenarios that have been circulating around message boards and forums over the past several months. The article puts a lot of things into perspective and counters a lot of slandering that we seem to see on a regular basis.

Some of the statements that are evaluated are:

"The PS3 Costs Too Much!"

"Isn't it a bit early to start pushing so hard for a technology most can't afford?"

"No 'shock' in my Dual Shock. Is cheesy tilt-sensing worth the loss of force-feedback?"

"Developers say that the PlayStation 3 is difficult to work with."

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drewdrakes5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

Most of their counter-arguments can be counter-counter-argued. They are often quite wrong, and rely too heavily on rumours. I give their responses a C. They say that the PS3 being "Just another Playstation" is a good thing? One of the basics of business is the fact that you have to continually be innovative, or else you fall to the bottom of the "business steps" because everybody is doing what your doing, so the innovation you once had is now a standard. Microsoft has their Xbox Live (depending on the others online services, which could bump them down a bit if they are on par with it), which is keeping them at the top of the stairs, among many others. I truly dont see anything concrete in the other two systems, they would hurt after hours of playing (assuming your a hardcore gamer, imagine playing warhawk for 3 hours straight). I could be proven wrong though, so dont attack me or anything, just my opinions.

calderra5865d ago

There are no "counter" arguments here. This is three PS3 fanboys trying to defend PS3 at all costs.

-$600 sound expensive? Well would you rather run a 300-mile spool of network wire between your 360 and your summer home in Nicaragua? Get a PS3! (nevermind most people have an internet connection pretty close to their primary entertainment center)

-Lack of rumble Gotcha down? Xbox 360 is stupid! (Sony got sued- for the love of God, Sony fans, admit it. The only reason rumble's not in is because Sony CAN'T put it in. It's not about innovation or "if" rumble matters. If they wouldn't have lost the suit, rumble would still be in PS3's controller.)

-etc, etc, etc...

kmis875865d ago

Not everyone has an internet connection right near their main entertainment station. In my family's house the bigscreen is on the opposite end of the house so wireless is the best way to go for us. And secondly, the article doesn't dismiss the lack of rumble by bashing MS. They mention the patent troubles as the cause, but then give some reasons why they think that not having force feedback is not that big of a deal.

Silverwolf5866d ago

That article as much open as they wanted it to seem. Was really just one sided.

RelloC5866d ago

it is now null and void.

kmis875865d ago

But its not like he wrote it or anything.

OutpostCommand5865d ago

That link was rather interesting and a good read.
Nice link DJ.

kmis875865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

sry wrong place

beans5865d ago

You guys should check out this off screen footage of fight night round 3 for PS3! This should help people decide if PS3 is worth the hype or even close!

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