"If I remade Final Fantasy 7, I'd be tempted to delete things" - FFXIII-2 producer

OXM UK: "Still holding a candle for that Final Fantasy VII remake? Got dog-eared Cloud posters on your bedroom wall? Be careful what you wish for. Final Fantasy XIII-2's producer Yoshinori Kitase has told OXM he'd find it difficult to update the 1997 RPG without making comprehensive changes."

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Trainz2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Only ff games I played where dirge of cerberus (terrible), X-2 (so gay) and XII which by far the best and a game I managed to 100%

Daver2976d ago

loll ff12 was one of the worst FF

Optical_Matrix2976d ago

Dunno why people hate in it. Was one of the most critically acclaimed FF games to date and was pushing the series in the right direction with a massive open and varied world, all the while keeping the narrative tight. The main character wasn't strong and the gambit system was a hindrance, but in my opinion it's one of the best in the franchise. Come at me, bro.

Tzuno2976d ago

What??? the best i tell ya. You don't recognize epic when passes near you or you play to much COD.

WildArmed2976d ago

Only reason I got bored of FF12 because of the gambit system. Once I set that thing right (about 50-70% through the game IIRC)... the game played itself -_-
I just ran around..
It got really boring... now that I think about it, even FF13 required more interaction... at least I had to change the Paradigm every so often.. but in FF12 I didn't need to do anything *sighs*

I shoulda never put those gambits, I was enjoying the game until then.

DA_SHREDDER2976d ago

@ Optical Matrix

Dude, anything after FFX I wouldn't even consider a real Final Fantasy game. I guess with the series in the wrong hands, we are gonna have to wait for a true spiritual successor? I don't know, but its very depressing that It's been so long (since FFX) that I've had an awesome FF to play. It's painfully saddening. And people like you, I don't know why Squeenix pays attention to the likes of people like you when the real fans have been more than vocal then the vocal minority that say they actually like Final Fantasy's new direction. I think they've went 5 steps back. Gameplay, Story, character development, lore, and sense of adventure. Everything has went down the drain.

2976d ago
JD_Shadow2976d ago

Then how would you be able to effectively control all the characters in your party at that point while moving your character, without slowing down the pace of the game? The Gambit system made it so you didn't have that artificial difficulty hurting your brain.

ReservoirDog3162976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

@ skv007

Yup. That's what a lot of people don't realize. XIII was very streamlined but XII was the worse offender. The gameplay was boring, the story was terrible, main character terrible, the voices sounded muffled, the music wasn't composed by nobuo uematsu and you could tell and in the end of the day, it felt lifeless.

I kinda enjoyed XIII but there hasn't been a truly great FF since X.

edit: And on topic, I get what they mean but I hope they keep the same spirit. FFVII had one of the best...feelings I guess out of all games. But they do need to update some things.

And I don't know what they're gonna do about the cross dressing.

PshycoNinja2976d ago

See billy... this is why we can't have nice things.

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Acquiescence2976d ago

play VII, VIII, IX and V. Now. This instant. Start with VII.

WildArmed2976d ago

I'd throw X and VI (!!!!!) in there and we have a great list.

FF6 is by far my fav. thou ^^

Tanir2976d ago

why the hell did u play all the bad ones? wtf haha

Trebius2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )


I feel bad for you if those are the only FF games youve played. The best FF games came before FFX.

The sad thing about this generation of gamers is they wont play an excellent game from generations ago just because of the graphics downgrade. Bunch of children.

Misterhbk2974d ago

the best FF games imo are Final Fantasy IX and X. amazing story and gameplay in each one

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Burning_Finger2976d ago

I guess they want it multi platform and one DVD disc. lol

Alos882976d ago

They would remove the crossdressing bit near the beginning, that's for sure.

LightofDarkness2976d ago

I thought that was an amusing segue. And a little creepy, which made it stand out a bit better.

Hard to know what I'd remove. That snowboarding bit was pointless, same with the submarine.

Alos882976d ago

It was funny, but if they were going for the seriousness of later Final Fantasies then it would look and feel very out of place, especially if the characters had the same level of detail as they did in Advent Children.

majiebeast2976d ago

Why are 360 magazine's always asking about playstation games? Isnt there enough news about halo and gears to fill a magazine?

dirigiblebill2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Yeah, how dare they report on something that's completely relevant to their audience - to wit, the future of Final Fantasy.

Eamon2976d ago

why do you even care what they write anyway? lol

darfreeze2976d ago

I bet he's going to change the gameplay so that you can only control one character and the other ones were controlled by AI...

please don't.

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