Battlefield 3 Brings Back The Forklift In Gulf Of Oman Gameplay

The first expansion pack, Back To Karkand, is almost upon us and EA have released a gameplay trailer for one of the classic maps, Gulf Of Oman, for us all to polish our bayonets to and have even revealed the return of an old friend.

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Hufandpuf2979d ago

I wish i could rehabilitate COD players and the video game media. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE COD!?

NerfedUK2979d ago

Surely there's enough room in the world for both? Yes it's inferior in most technological ways but if it keeps the kids off my team speak then I'm happy.

CloseSecond2979d ago

yeah, cause only mature gamers play B3.

fragnificent2979d ago

apparantly you play CoD

deadpoole2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Its not a forklift, its skidsteer ... like Bobcat but bigger in size.

Im waiting for Dinosaur mode to be released ... that will make this game from Epic to Ultimate.

jriquelme_paraguay2979d ago

you can play both games, u know?
i play both

soundslike2978d ago

I don't like to piss $60 away without a good reason

I support your decision to waste money, however.

jriquelme_paraguay2978d ago

you are so smart to know every thing, even my game taste... :)

JoshuaN4G2979d ago


supersonicjerry2979d ago

I personally like COD for playing GB in the competitive scene. BF doesn't do it for me like COD does don't get me wrong I love BF to always play and like to play COD also but its mainly for the competitive scene.

Hufandpuf2979d ago

I'm all for COD being competitive, but MLG it is not. If anything, TF2 and BF3 Squad Rush should headline events. Not a team deathmatch fragfest.

Organization XII2979d ago

Please stop comparing them. COD is more of a CS-style game, while Battlefield is a whole lot of different type of shooter man. Get it through your thick skulls already people.

Swiggins2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I'll just leave this here...

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fooxy2979d ago

Shit looks hilarious !

badvlad2979d ago

1 week early for ps3? lol oh well

C_Menz2979d ago

Would be nice to see more non-military vehicles make their way into BF3 or other games. Would be funny pulling around a corner in a minivan and come face to face with a tank.

StickTwiddlers2979d ago

Segway's with mounted guns. 'Nuff said.

Kewl_Kat2979d ago

That would look badass in Metro and Bazaar lol

fragnificent2979d ago

and when you die it said,
"you just got segway'ed" lol

Elwenil2979d ago

One of the more laughable concepts in military technology:

Hufandpuf2979d ago

you could drive a muscle car in the BF2 expansion, Armored Fury.

Somebody2979d ago

The Frenech did put recoilless guns on scooters for their paratroopers.

EazyC2979d ago

I wish you could drive the parked cars in MP xD

Szarky2979d ago

Wow, that's actually a hillarious and brilliant idea. In the Seine Crossing (sp?) level there's all these parked cars, delivery vans, scooters... how bad ass would that be doing a drive-by on a scooter!!!

Somebody2979d ago

So did I. The first thing I did in Caspian was trying to enter the small white truck near the Russian base's entrance. They have so much potential.

Gathering a lot of them together to block off some of the chokepoints. Setting them as mobile IED traps. Road kill mayhem. A police car with sirens on (packed with C4s, of course) chasing a tank would be funny to watch.

Or...all of the 64 players get into a car each and start some sort of race around the larger maps with mines and C4 placed all over the place. It's an obvious diversion since the Frosbite 2 engine is also used in Need For Speed The Run.

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The story is too old to be commented.