Skyrim: nine ways to make it the worst game ever

OXM UK: "If you're finding this wondrous experience a chore, have a glance down the list below. Chances are that you're to blame. It takes two to tango."

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dirigiblebill3151d ago

10. Identify combat as the place where you'll have most fun

MsclMexican3150d ago

The game is fine.... Im just mad at the broken quests in my game and the irritating amount of screen tearing

I mean does anyone else have this problem?

Seriously... it gets annoying.

scotchmouth3151d ago

I'm the guy picking up every item as I have a great use for the coin!

bozebo3150d ago

I only recently decided it isn't worth checking every urn for the 9 gold :P

I get through things so much faster now, the decent loot is always obviously placed ^_^

Mutant-Spud3150d ago

Yeah, the whole economy is pretty much redundant anyway if you're a mage or monk type build,I use spells and bound weapons and armour, my house in Whiterun is full of junk that I can't be bothered selling and any decent gear goes to my companion anyway.
I'm bored witless with Skyrim to be honest, I picked up Assassins Creed: Brotherhood for a few bucks the other day and Skyrim has gone back on the shelf for now.

scotchmouth3150d ago

It actually has more to do with me taking in the landscape and such. I really wanted to take my time with the game and enjoy the detail they put into it. So I have a tendency to search every nook and cranny.

I'll grab those free white caps laying around, Make a potion and sell it to the potion chick in whiterun. I'd say most of my money is spent at Warmaidens currently. I am very slow going at the main story arc. I've been putzing around with Misc quests. Put in around 24 hours. I bet a fair percentage of that is looting everything LOL

bobrea3150d ago

player.additem 000000f (AMOUNT DESIRED)

free gold

Basjohn3151d ago

Is this what gaming "journalism" is nowadays? A game comes out and people are so desperate for writing material they go as far as........SUGGESTING WAYS TO HAVE LESS FUN WITH A GAME?

I thought the blacksmithing/perk guides were bad (that were word for word what you could find in game) but man new lows seem to come every day lately. (Though my personal worst are the clear hit-trolling '5 Reasons thisgameyoulike actually sucks')

N4G, reform your submission process and allow EVERY USER to report shitty articles......pretty please?

dirigiblebill3151d ago

Congratulations! You either haven't bothered to read the article, or you haven't bothered to understand it. The idea is to help people have more fun with Skyrim, not less.

guitarded773150d ago

Yet you use a sensationalized headline to get hits... Your article could be about how to milk a horse in Skyrim and you'd use the same "gimme hits" headline. Don't try and justify that crap.

BX813150d ago

Congrats, on making a crappy title for hits.

PS. I didn't bite

HardCover3150d ago

People who only read the title then come to comment are THE worst, hands down.

I would know, I do it all the time.

fragnificent3150d ago

unfortunatly for you, N4G will not reform as if anybody could allow submissions this website would be full of spam and thus, rendered usless.
we cannot disagree with an article simply because some people may not like what the author has to say, there is no need to rant about silly little things.
just count yourself lucky the website is here at all.

SephirothX213150d ago

I don't know what you're complaining about. The article does what the headline says. It gives nine ways that would make Skyrim a not so fun experience and I agree with every one of them. Even though most are common sense if you've played the game for a while, a new player starting off would find them helpful.

joab7773150d ago

I agree with all but number 9. I would normally say to explore on ur own would be my #1 bit of advice. Unfortunately, if u ignore the quest list and just explore, as i love to do, u r going to break the quest mechanic. U r going to gather things u shouldn't have yet and never be able to complete a future quest. They should have simply, for fetch quests, had the item appear somewhere random, only after the quest began so that if u explore somewhere beforehand, it doesn't break it. It is minor right now, but for many, it will scare them away from exploration as glitches can be downright frightening in a game that u have invested 100 hours in already.

bozebo3150d ago

I agree that the title is just there to gain hits that it wouldn't otherwise get if it was sensibly titled.

But lol... The article is good natured, there are others that would be a better target for downvoting.

MagicAccent3150d ago

Read the article before posting please.

SITH3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Of all the people I ever said this too, I mean it to you the most. READ THE F'en ARTICLE. I see what you are saying with some articles, but you clearly did not read this one at all. And for you noobs, every title is there to gain hits and/or your attention. That is part of the point of a title.

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Dunpeal3150d ago

obvious list is obvious. who the hell would not fast travel to stuff once they've discovered it????? lol

that being said there is some cool stuff that is not marked on the map, but I will still fast travel unless my sole intent is to go looking around areas that I haven't really gone over in detail

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