Amazing violin cover of the Halo theme by Lara

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve seen Lara in a lot of violin covers for various games and she recently did a violin cover for Skyrim’s theme. It was cool, no doubt about that. But her new violin cover for Halo’s theme is simply fantastic. According to Lara, this has been quite a popular request lately and the backing is from Halo 2 (the original tune is one of the best games tunes ever and is from Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori). Now there weren’t any sheets as she played it by ear, so kudos to her."

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ElementX2974d ago

This isn't newsworthy. It's like the MS E3 '07 press conference when those kids were playing the Halo theme on stage and the audience was dumbfounded.

Pozzle2974d ago

God thing it isn't marked as "news" then. If you're only on N4g for news, then just click on the news tab at the top of the page:

And considering this woman uses no sheet music and takes about an hour to learn an entire song, it's no wonder people are impressed by her skills and think she's worth posting. I'd rather watch a video of her playing a new game song than yet another "PS3/460/Wii/Vita/3DS sucks" or "Top 10 Toilets in Gaming" article.

john22974d ago

As Pozzle said, this is obviously not in the 'News' category. Her good looks help in watching the video, no doubt about that.

But here is a hint in order to appreciate her violin skills: Start the video and browse your browser (like you know, listening to the music and not watching the video). It's an incredible cover

gamingdroid2974d ago

I personally quite enjoyed it. Wouldn't mind more!

sickpup2973d ago

Is this the same chick from the High School band who released the full band cover for their talent show that was insane. I remember watching that a long time ago and being amazed by that performance.

Easy to remember because of the brief mario intermission!