Expect Final Fantasy Versus XIII News “In The Coming Months”

Yoshinori Kitase promises to share new Final Fantasy Versus XIII information in the coming months.

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fluffydelusions2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

How about a release date? But I suspect the news will be it's going multiplat TBH

tiffac0082978d ago

I thought Kitase was not in favor of that?

gamesmaster2978d ago

tbh it could go either way. hell i wouldn't be massively surprised if it was announced for Nintendo's new console as well..

we'll just have to wait and see. Pressure from the execs might just overwhelm the developers own preferences.

limewax2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Not only that, Nomura has said in the past, and this is quoted "if Versus goes multiplat I will cut off my left arm" So I genuinely think he has more or less refused to work on the project unless it remains exclusive.

I doubt it would even be possible for it to go multiplat now because the development has stretched far beyond the crystal tools engine, It actually now incorporates a few of the features from SE's next gen engine which is still under development. The only reason they went in is because they have had the time to see what parts of their next engine could be squeezed onto the PS3.

So in short the engine they are using for Versus13 is a hybrid of two different engines, which was designed from the ground up for the PS3, To go multiplat now would mean to scrap it and start again like they did with FF13 which it really is a bit late for now. The entire game concept would have to be redisigned so it could work with crystal tools

papashango2978d ago

An announcement for an announcement?

The Killer2978d ago

wake me up when the game releases, because am gonna take a long sleep like the people of the cave (309 years of sleeping in the cave)

2978d ago
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Crystallis2978d ago

Wada caught a lot of heat when FFXIII was announced as a multiplat. I doubt he will let that happen again.

Plus Ive said this many times, if FFvsXIII goes multi it will be down the road like 6 months or something like that. I can see FFvsXIII as a timed exclusive for the ps3 to see how well it does.

Crystallis2978d ago

I totally forgot about the other engine they were using. Bubbles for reminding me.

zeddy2978d ago

the news will be that it will be on the 360 too and they will have to cut out some content to make sure it all goes on 3 discs.

PshycoNinja2978d ago

It won't go multiplat and even if it does it will take a while before it gets ported to 360. So regardless PS3 owners will get the game first.

Anyways on topic, I think square's next announcement for Versus XIII will be a release WINDOW for the game. They might go all the way and announce a release date but with SE you never know. With most FF releases when they announce a release date it is usually 3 months before it comes out in Japan and 5-6 months before it comes out in NA/Europe. Although I remember reading an interview where Square said they wanted a simultaneous world wide release for this game. I could be off on that one.

manman62978d ago

That the same thing i was thinking. If they not going to announce a release date, then they could STFU.

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mcmmaster2978d ago

and that information better be about a DAMN release date

modesign2978d ago

breaking news. FFXIII will be set after FFXII-2.

dorron2978d ago

Cancelation maybe? Just joking...

WhiteLightning2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Please be a name change

FF15 or just FF Versus

...Just don't relate it to FF13

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The story is too old to be commented.