The Real Reason Why The Next Generation Won't Arrive in 2012


The year bears a lot of different connotations for a lot of different people.

Some think it’s when the Mayans predicted the end of the world – though others think they simply got bored counting or were ended themselves. Some are excited for the Summer Olympics, the iPad 3, and, if they live in Northern Australia, a total solar eclipse. Then there are those who might merely be looking forward to a special wedding anniversary, a birthday, or a graduation date.

Recently though, gamers have added themselves to the list of those clamoring about the year, as rumors have run rampant in recent months about the next generation of the Xbox perhaps being revealed at 2012’s E3 and later set for a Q4 release.

Get as excited as you want, but there’s one simple reason why these rumors are unequivocally false. And no, it has nothing to do the world resembling the contents of Don Draper’s ashtray come the end of next year.

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Optical_Matrix2972d ago

It is arriving in 2012 though. Wii U?

SonyNGP2972d ago



zerocrossing2972d ago

Exactly. how is it so many people think that just because Wii U is launching 1st it's going to be significantly graphically inferior to PS4 and next box? The 360 launched much earlier than PS3 and arguably there is little difference in graphics and performance between them.

limewax2972d ago

What I find funny about that whole thing is that even if it had the same specs as a PS3 it doesn't make it current gen. It is Nintendos next home console and therefore is next gen.

They could stick in an intel atom and use the intergrated graphics and it would still be next gen. It would be awful, but my point is the specs are irrelevant to what next gen is. That said I doubt we will see MS or Sony join the party until 2013

frostypants2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Are we talking next gen from a retail perspective, or a technical one? I tend to think that when we say "next gen", 90% of us mean it in the technical sense, in which case something that is hardly more powerful than a PS3/360 would NOT be next gen.

Sure, it would be next gen in terms of it simply being a whole new product, but how is that meaningful to anyone in the gaming crowd if it's CURRENT gen technology?

If that's your definition of "next gen" (the "retail" definition) you might as well trash the term, because it's meaningless, at least in the context most gamers would care about.

I should also add that if Sony or Microsoft released specs akin to the WiiU for their next systems, people would defecate all over it. Not sure why Nintendo gets a free pass on this. That thing better hit the market at the same pricepoint as the entry level 360....

BlmThug2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Wii U is next gen purely by name.

Captain Qwark 92972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

i dont think anyone thinks that the wii u is not considered next gen ( not based on graphics or power but the fact that it is nintendos next console ), i think the issue here and why the wii u is not addressed as being the start of the next gen is becuase most "core" gamers, alot of this site included, dont even consider the wii anything but a 5 year olds toy ( it does have some nice games though, yet i still never want to play it for some reason ).

if i have noticed anything on these forums its that the wii is practically irrelevant these days as far as gamers are concerned. its not just gamers either, even Nintendo knows this becuase despite selling well still and still dominating the lead, there going to be the first ones out of the gate and have gone back to a more traditional console. this gen nintendo won in sales no doubt and that will likely not change but as far as respect of real gamers nintendo simply doesnt matter anymore. thats why its barely mentioned or included in the console war, at this moment its between ms and sony.

i got hopes for the wii u myself though, the controller seems like it could really add to the experience, hopefully i use it far more than my wii

Pikajew2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It already started with the release of the 3DS.

The 3DS is part of the 8th gen and the consoles we have now are part of the 7th gen

andron2972d ago

I'm guessing 2013 too, I'm in no hurry to buy a new expensive console...

frostypants2972d ago

Just because a new console comes out, doesn't mean *you* have to buy it. Plenty of us are more than ready.

If it IS 2013, it's going to be very early 2013.

andron2968d ago

But I don't think they will release next gen consoles until they have exhausted the current gen. It just doesn't make sense financially to release a new console too early. They'll just divide the potential customers with two options or if not enough upgrade.

I was an early adopter this gen so, I' might wait until the price drops or some killer games are out next console release...

JsonHenry2972d ago

I've said for a long time they will keep saying "Winter 2012". But don't forget that winter 2012 starts the end of 2012 and carries through to 2013.

However, I would bet everything I own on an actual 2012 calender release of the next nintendo and xbox. (barring some sort of manufacturing problem) Mid to late 3Q 2013 will see the new Sony machine.

The Meerkat2972d ago

A New Xbox and president Paul would be a great way to end 2012.

kcuthbertson2971d ago

Really? I think I'll take that bet...

I bet Micro will announce the nextbox, but I really don't think they'll be releasing it.

Persistantthug2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

All of these people, foolishly swearing up and down that Microsoft and/or Sony are bringing new consoles in 2012, none of them have the fortitude to "put somethin on it"....say like, a $60 game of choice.

That's goes to show you that they don't even believe this foolishness.

kcuthbertson2971d ago

I know Persistantthug...I'm just trying to express how stupid of a thing it is to say that I bet everything I own...

RogerFed2972d ago

Good article. If I had to guess I'd say 2013 during the holiday.

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The story is too old to be commented.