Analyst: Wii a 'Strong' Next-Gen Contender

Colin Sebastian said in a post-Nintendo meeting note, "We continue to believe that Nintendo has a very good opportunity to gain market share in the new cycle with a lower-priced console and unique game-play. We also note that Nintendo is receiving solid support from third-party game publishers, including titles designed specifically for the Wii, such as Tony Hawk Downhill Jam (Activision), Madden NFL 07 (Electronic Arts) and Red Steel (UbiSoft)."

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ElementX5863d ago

The Wii isn't "next-gen". It's current gen with new controls.

wakkiwakko5862d ago

Doesn't matter. :) People want it.

PS360WII5862d ago

It doesn't support 1080 or anything but some games do have 480p, and on that topic how does 720/1080 make it a next-gen or not? It's a new way to play games and frakly it is a next-gen system for a cheaper price. And 1.1 is correct people want it