A quick Twitter tutorial for the Playstation Vita

With the gaming media masses flocking to London this weekend for an exclusive event to get hands-on with the Playstation Vita, it's no surprise that there are some videos out there showcasing the Vita's capabilities.

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NukaCola2981d ago

Very cool and intuitive design. I personally don't have a Twiiter account, but I think it's really cool. I am more curious in Facebook and how they will do Netflix and HULU Plus on Vita. And off course other apps. The UI and APPS impress me the most about the system to be honest. The games look incredible, but this new UI and how the PS VITA is showing us the future of PSN, I am just jaw dropped in awe!

Bach2981d ago

Is 3G usually that slow?

SonyNGP2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Nice look, but the way the interface works (icons for this option and that option, drag down and release to refresh) is pretty much the same as the Android/iOS app, except "bouncier".

I like it.

Now show me a native YouTube app, and I'll be all over it. That OLED screen feels like a waste if it has minimal video playback!

MaxXAttaxX2981d ago

I wouldn't consider the OLED screen a waste when it can display games rather nicely.

I do hope for a YouTube app. Couldn't agree more with that.