Darksiders 2 director reveals Wii U controller ideas

The technical director of Darksiders 2 has revealed some fresh ideas for the Wii U controller.

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Titanz2972d ago

But I have to tough it out!

StraightPath2971d ago

Forgetting the game the wii u controller could be a game changer how we play games ideas sound awesome.

showtimefolks2971d ago

the 1st one was a ok game borderline good but the button scheme was too much one button did more than 2 things and you just can't have that.

If they just make the button scheme better,combat a little more engaging and fun than we could have a real blockbuster title in q1 2012 in our hands

darksiders 2 has a lot of things too improve upon and i am glad THQ isn't rushing this given the right amount of polish time this could be a strong contender GOTY wise and more importantly sales wise for thq

Pikajew2971d ago

Its great to see Nintendo picked them for a Wii U launch game

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