Ubisoft surveys public on future Assassin's Creed locations

Eurogamer: "Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft has asked the public for help choosing where the historical series will be set in a future installment."

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Ezio20482975d ago

i would want India since we gamers can get to experience a different culture and setting. The Maharajas and Ranis (queens) of the country would make a great game.
anyways my opinion. waiting for official announcement.

SnakeCQC2975d ago

My family are originally from pakistan, so naturally im sick of that whole region. Lol i may have got a little insight here on how everyone wants to experience something they haven't already but screw everyone i want JAPAN lmao

papashango2975d ago

Tenchu stealth assassins

AtomicGerbil2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Erudito87 beat me to it, I'd love AC to go to feudal Japan.

Derekvinyard132975d ago

There making another one?!?! DAM make something new ubisoft, shit

Croash2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Yeah, of course, let's simply forget about the whole storyline established in the previous 4 main Assassin's Creed games and let the series fade into darkness.

It's not like anyone actually cares about this whole Desmond/2012/End of the world thing anyway!/s

Edit: And it wouldn't end here, anyway. It's like Rayman or Prince of Persia.
There is always something new to bring to the table. When they're done with Assassin's Creed III, they will probably stop this whole yearly release plan and either do something completely different with the franchise (similar to a reboot) or have fun with the prequel/midquel options.

rezzah2974d ago

Go play a board game by yourself, you'll enjoy it if you can't comprehend the deep story of AC.

Aloren2975d ago

Weird, French Revolution isn't in the list. I guess that's where next year's episode could be.

iamnsuperman2975d ago

That is an interesting point. We know that the games will go beyond the Desmond story after AC3. So this will not be AC3 but after. They have hinted at French Revolution and the fact it is ignored from the list makes me wonder

coolbeans2975d ago're asking the public to do the writing for you? Although I'm a fan of the AC series, I personally think news like this can show a lack of faith Ubi has in their writers when they essentially want the fans to vote on the next location.

rezzah2974d ago

Maybe their writers have ideas for all places, meaning out of the choices people had to choose from i the survey were what the writers had the most ideas for.

it's not really like they can start developing a AC game blindfolded, they'll need ideas on the history and background of the specific areas.

coolbeans2974d ago

"It's not really like they can start developing a AC game blindfolded"

Although that's true, that shouldn't excuse a story's setting hanging in the balance of a survey (not to say they'll do exactly what the survey says). But if the writing team is smart enough, they'll do something that will excite AC fans just like Naughty Dog going to the desert for UC3 without asking everyone where they should go next.

It's not like researching multiple areas is bad, but these guys are being paid to run with the best idea in their opinion and following through on it on their own, unless they want to mention the names of those who took the survey in the credits.

rezzah2974d ago

So you are referring to the element of surprise in order to excite the fans even more so than it would if they already knew what to expect right?

Well you are right about the element of surprise...However gaming surprises are like a double edge sword, they either work very well or fail miserably.

So think of it this way --> From a business standpoint, despite their obviously love for creating this game series, is it safer to allow your fans to choose and know what is to come? Thus placing the fun into the ground for when it finally arrives OR do they say nothing and try to surprise their fans completely?

Obviously the safer way to go is to allow you fans to choose, it also is more likely to secure better reviews and better sales than a surprise would, being that it is more of a 50/50 chance of success.

What do you think?

coolbeans2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Well...that point is good but "element of surprise" is more of a secondary reason. I'm speaking on behalf on a different reason: at the end of the day, those fans will more than likely not be mentioned in the credits, despite their input.

As someone aspiring to work in fiction, I find it lazy whenever developers decide to ask for fan involvement for something as integral as location or plot twist. They're basically holding entire fictional worlds in the balance *over-dramatization:P* over whether or not the majority of fans will like that idea. Something on the level of "Kill or Save Carmine" is different because he didn't matter to the story at all.

In the end, I'm just asking the writers to do their job and not bother with this survey UNLESS they decide to email those who voted on their "next setting" and list their names in the 'Very Special Thanks to...' column.

Edit: Seeing as you're out of bubbles, we can discuss this more through PM if you'd like :).

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