Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Installation Size Revealed

GB : We have the installation size for the PS3 version and it’s really not a big deal

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NukaCola2979d ago

FF XIII didn't really have an install size as far as I remember.

BiggCMan2979d ago

It's not an install, it's just a 7MB piece of data. 13 had the same thing on the back of the case, like a 1MB required space. Most likely just for saves.

djmindz2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

it's square enix don't except an 8 gig or higher game

there is probably 1 gig of gameplay 4 gigs of cutscenes 1 gig of low res textures and the rest you'll get when they announce Final Fantasy XIII-3

sorry versus fans

shikamaroooo2979d ago

Well ff13 had 3 discs for the 360 and ff13-2 has 1 I guess that supports you

limewax2979d ago

Partially, A lot of XIII's size came from the cut scenes and the audio wasn't exactly compressed heavily either. This time cut scenes are either extremely rare or completely non existent in the game now. Most of the cut scenes if not all are rendered in game cutting out what was almost 20GB of data in the previous instalment

2979d ago
Luc202979d ago

Something tells me this franchise will share Star Ocean's fate.