Smarsaurous: PC versus Console

Recently the world of PC gaming has made great strides in many areas. New generations of processors are coming out, more games are being made specifically for the PC and ported to consoles, and it seems more and more people are migrating to the PC realm. Now that isn’t to say consoles are going to fall by the way side, soon enough we will be seeing the WiiU and Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles. However, at this very moment, computers are overtaking consoles, particularly when it comes to graphics.

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reynod2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I think both PC and Console gaming are doing very well. Sure we are in a recession hence things arent as good as they could have been, however we are still doing quite solid.

I personally only own a PC, thanks to Steam discounts games have been so cheap i have a huge backlog, there are more games out this year then i can play.

I think the article from yesterday made alot of sense about having a combo personally having a PC and PS3 is the ultimate combo, that way the only real games you are missing out are the few Xbox exclusives like Forza, Halo as PC already does most of the XBox exclusives, PC also covers PC exclusives, multiplats and Wii via emulation and obviously the PS3 comes in handy with the Sony exclusives.

Overall i think the systems with the most exclusives(not that it matters majority of games are multiplats) are the PC and the PS3.

Si-Fly2971d ago

Agreed, I've just sold my 360 as it wasn't getting any use since I got my gaming PC this year. Keeping my ps3 for blurays and the odd Sony exclusive, good combo.

MysticStrummer2972d ago

Same here. I tried the PC gaming thing for a couple of years and it didn't grab me. In that time I played fewer memorable games than I get in six months on my console.

one2thr2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Well I recently gotten into Pc gaming and as of now its fun as hell. It was difficult for me to get use to using a mouse and keyboard but after a few hours I eventually gotten the hang of it. And I was once a "console only" type of gamer (PS3) but after I had built my on Pc withouth the knowledge of knowing how to build one. I am currently spending more time on my Pc than I do with my PS3, but dont get me wrong or anything the PS3 is still the greatest home console this generation, and it'll never go sitting alone collecting dust because I play as much or more games on it than i do my Pc (about a 55/45 ratio) And to top it off, I was in luck to have been able to complete my Pc before the STEAM fall sales program started...... But yeah, even thought I dont play them with equal amounts of time, I still like both my systems with the equal amount of love...... PS3/PC combo FTW!!!

Animals_as_Leaders2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

My PC plays all games in native 1080p. 99% of my games play at 60 frames.

The draw distances, character models, textures, shadows, number of players, particle effects and lighting...everything is better on PC. Even on 'ports' there differences are night and day.

Even Bioshock had DX10 shading and soft particles and perfect gamepad support and up to 9.1 sound...and it came out in 2007.

My PC is hooked up to my 55" TV and I have 7.2 surround. I can't even imagine desecrating my TV with console games.

I'll just leave this Mirrors Edge screenshot here for people to ponder over:

For comparison here is a UC3 screenshot ( lol ) I can't even imagine how bad it must look when stretched to a 1080p screen.

one2thr2972d ago

For what its worth, the PS3 can sure do some amazing things with EXTREMELY LIMITED RESOURCES..... I'd say give credit, when credit is due..... ND did a fantastic job pumping out some amazing visuals for a 5 year old piece of hardware..... Imagine if they had the unlimited limitation of a PC at their disposal?...... The world may never know......

Animals_as_Leaders2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

What amazing things? the games are so stripped down that they are linear by design to save resources, the building in the background in that screen is nothing more than a flat low res texture, the shadows, textures and poly count in that screen is no better than FFXII from PS2.

Look at the global illumination in the Mirrors edge screen on the 3 white steel columns ( shadowing relative to the position of the light source ) then look at the shadows in the UC3 screen...if they can even be called shadows, it is simply a line between light and dark...there is no gradient of shadowing at all. PC and this generation are worlds apart, even when the games compared are years apart too.

I think a more accurate statement would be 'they did all they could with what they had' in other words 'give them credit for trying' but there is nothing amazing about the UC series visually.

In 2007 I bought a 512mb 8800gt video card. I could play crysis on high at 1680x1050 in dx10 at 30 graphics card cost $299 less than a PS3 cost at the time. Even at launch the consoles were outdated.

dredgewalker2971d ago

I wouldn't just play games based on graphics alone. I do play on both PC and PS3 and I can appreciate the differences with both platforms. It's true that the PS3 is quite dated but it's still pumping out games that worth playing that can't be found on the pc.

Si-Fly2971d ago

I could've bought 4 360s and 4 ps3s for what I've spent on my gaming PC this year and that's before I add the sim racing hardware but for me it's worth it, triple screen racing in iracing, dirt3 and f1 2011 with a dash of skyrim is gaming heaven for me.

caboose322971d ago

Hey, you get what you pay for.

hellvaguy2971d ago

Is that why psn is free?