Modern Warfare 3 sales down 41 %

According to Chart Track data, Modern Warfare has clung onto the pole position for a third consecutive week edging out Saints Row: The Third and Skyrim but sales in the UK are well down on the previous week.

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Mucudadada3149d ago

That's amazing! Most games have a %60 or more dropoff from their first week sales to their second week. This in it's third and it's only down 40? Activision has tons to be happy about.

jessupj3149d ago

... while real gamers that would like other deserving games, where the developer has actually tried to push their work above industry standard, get even half those sales don't have much to be happy for.

NuclearDuke3149d ago

Do you honestly believe that the developers of Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer has no worked their asses off getting this title done?

Modern Warfare 2 & Black Ops was the two most selling First Person Shooters of all time. The developers has no incentitive to currently upgrade their engine when they have a product, that with five year old graphics seem to still sell more and more each year.

Gamers might think: "Hey, those graphics are so old and the gameplay looks like the presuccessor." That's fair, but when you can ship over twenty million units based on an engine that some claim to be expired, why would you update it just now? It's uncessecary work.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch has created a franchise where you know exacly what you get and what you go into. If people who like the franchise were unhappy with it's state, they could avoid buying it. Yet, it seems that more than 20 million each year like what they get.

60 FPS > 30 FPS. It's really that simple.

NYC_Gamer3149d ago

real gamers?i thought those were the one's playing/buying games they's real silly to discredit a gamer for their taste in software....

radphil3149d ago

"60 FPS > 30 FPS. It's really that simple."

So a blank screen at 60 FPS would be better than 2d going at 30 FPS?

Good to know. /sarcasm

(It's not that simple cut fyi)

papashango3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Notice how this time around activision have cod sales numbers under wraps but the last two years they couldn't shutup about em.

On steam mw3 only saw the top spot for a few days then skyrim came out. CS 1.6 a 10 year old title constantly has more ppl playing now

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Tachyon_Nova3149d ago

You actually just didnt read it right. The drop from week 1 to week 2 was something like 60% from memory, the drop from week 2 to week 3 (this week) was another 40%, thus taking the the drop from week 1 to somewhere around the 70% mark.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3149d ago

Close..... 76%.
Math major... couldn't resist.

humbleopinion3149d ago

"This in it's third and it's only down 40? "
It's down 40% from the SECOND week, not from the first. The decline after the first week was much bigger (mostly because about half of the human race already bought it in the first week)

benleescott3149d ago

Obviously. You can't sell 12 million units every week.

BreakNeckSpeed3149d ago

It'll pick back up again for christmas. I'm personally not gonna buy it but I can see it dominate the charts right through the season.

Ezio20483149d ago

haha... nice 1 mate. ;P


but I bet they would like to..

Phantasm3149d ago

This is kinda like the movie industry. A film will have a 50% drop-off (on average) every week.

FourGees3148d ago

Sales keep dropping!? OMD COD is dead!