Sony: PlayStation Vita Will Not Run Game Archives At Launch

PsOne Classics and TurboGrafx-16 games are collectively known as Game Archives in Japan. PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on December 17 and February 22, 2012 in North America.

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NukaCola3529d ago

I hope all the "not at launch' features will be at launch when it hits the states. Non of those things are a deal breaker, but I would like them to be available as to ensure no one has a reason not to get one. I am really excited for it still!

PSVita3528d ago

it's obviously because they want people to buy new games instead of just playing they games they already have i don't mind but it's obvious. In fact it's better because the more games sell, the more hype it'll have, the more hype it has the more people will buy it, the more people buy it the more devs will want to work on it, making everyone's life that much better.

supremacy3529d ago

Personally I could care less.

Now I understand that there are those out there that do care. I guess all I can say what? Big deal. I am sure those things will be addressed sooner or later. In the meantime buy a vita to you know, play vita games?

I mean I dont know, thats what I would do.

Bach3528d ago

Agreed, I definitely would like to have those extra features, but must remember it's a fricken Vita, play some damn Vita games on that bad boy and drool away to happiness.

LeBronista3528d ago

This concerns the Japanese game archives only. And Sony said "at launch" which in another word I think is "at the moment". The good thing is according to the PSVita Faq on the official US PlayStation that the Vita will in fact support PSP and PSone Classic titles from PSN. And I won't import PSone classic games from the Japanese PSN 'cause I don't stand Japanese.

STK0263528d ago

while I agree with those saying it is not needed at launch because the Vita should have plenty of quality Vita games, I still wonder why it's not available at launch. The PSP and even the iPhone can run PSX games, so why not the more powerful Vita?

coryok3528d ago

the psp can only run them because it was coded into the psp, same with the iphone/android.

btw, its more difficult for sony to release a ps1 platform inside of their devices because customers expect a higher quality from sony in this regard. the psp emulator had to undergo extensive testing to make sure it would run the full library of games, while the phone emulators are tested with like 20 games and released, then get hotfixes as users give feedback on games that arent working.

more than that though, i suppose sony doesnt want their device to become a handheld for cheaper games, they want people to buy the full games, so they dont really have to rush these features out the door.

Zoron0073528d ago

Read this wrong and thought it said Vita will not run games at launch. I was like wtf why launch it then.

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