Four Reasons Why Corpse Party Is Not A Game To Be Ignored

"No one is interested in Corpse Party. What is Corpse Party? Sounds like an Oingo Boingo album. Corpse Party is not one of those things you’ve been anxiously awaiting unless you are VERY deep in Japanese Nerd Culture and you’re not busy with the upcoming release of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND." - JPS

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admiralvic2981d ago

Not to be an ass or "that guy", but the game Japanese nerds are playing/caring about is Saint Seiya which was released earlier this week.

Lord_Sloth2981d ago

As a "Japanese Nerd" I assure you I am not playing, nor interested in Saint Seiya as I found the anime itself to be quite shitty. Don't generalize.

banjadude2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

And to HIS ignorance, you definitely don't need to be "Japanese" to enjoy/play any of those titles. What a goof-ball.

Ontopic: Definitely going to give this game a try, once the SWTOR beta ends.

blammo172981d ago

Meh. The game has no combat which is a big problem with me. I found it boring, even after 4-5 hrs.

Also- the article comes across as being pretentious, even though it has obvious typos.

plmkoh2981d ago

Even if you are not interested in the game's subject, the game is a good title to try out binaural sound recording, very few games do this so it's a good opportunity.