Toronto Thumbs Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: An Afterthought

From the Review:

"I don’t get first-person shooters. To me, it’s the equivalent of trying to understand the intricacies of a UFC fight night when you don’t know the first thing about mixed martial arts. On nights like those I usually find myself dodging Vin Diesel clones, making a beeline to the server, and participating in a quick-time event to pay for my drink and make a run for the nearest patio. Only then can I sit back and shake my head in absolute amusement. You might think I have gone bonkers comparing UFC fans to the Call of Duty gamers but it’s true! One thing I have noticed (in either camp) is: those that “get it” are rabid fans to the bitter end; these people are willing to put relationships and sleep cycles on the line just to watch Fighter A duke it out with Fighter B and/or level up while improving their kill-to-death ratio. It’s a Jersey thing, I think."

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JeffGUNZ2978d ago

Nobody cares that you were drinking, what are you 18? Give me a break, what kind of writing is this?