Are you ready for the 8th generation? argues whether we're truly ready for the next gen, and what developers have said on the issue.

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stonecold32976d ago

no to nany games still coming out and couldnt afford a next gen console as for aritcle claiming ps3 is 7 years old thats not right it turned 5 years 360 is already in 6 year already ?

reynod2976d ago

Hell yea i cant wait for the next gen consoles to arrive, but not because i want to buy one. Its because it would be good for PC gaming too, as it would bring about more good looking titles.

Somebody2976d ago

I wished I could agree with you...but rumour has it that Microsoft had planned 2 next gen X Box skus, looking for more X Box exclusives for next gen and so far Windows 8 is primarily a ticket to get into the lucrative mobile devices that Android and Apple dominate.

Based on Micorsoft's treatment of PC gaming over the past several years (just count how many Windows games Microsoft had produced/published since the XBox360 was launched and compare it to the Xbox 360's library), I really don't see any good it'll make for the PC.

My only fear is that there will be more X Box Next Gen AAA exclusives with better graphics while Windows games by Microsoft will be mostly on tablets and smartphones using Windows 8. Developers who are not Microsoft's close partners tend to be the ones who use a lot of PC gaming potentials. E.g. at E3 this year we see Microsoft backing up MW3 while BF 3 is alone in promoting the DX11 capable BF3.

I've seen a recent article by Endgaget about Kinect for Windows development in N4G. Most of the things the article said is "potential Office applications" and if I'm not mistaken...almost nothing about Windows Kinect gaming possibilities. This leads to another one of my fears : The Windows independent Kinect developers/researchers might produce some stunning uses for the Kinect but their result might be poorly presented and became failures. Then, a better version of those Windows potentials might suddenly appear on the Kinect 2 exclusively for the next gen X Box while the PC is stuck with the original, half-baked versions.

Don't laugh. It happened with the Microsoft tablet. Bill Gates tried to promote it but the limited technology at the time doesn't allow it to be a viable mobile device. Even Steve Job said the tablet was a stupid idea (I heard it somewhere). Then several years later, Apple let loose the iPad and now Microsoft is the one playing catch up.

So yes. I'm skeptical about how the next X-Box will benefit the PC since the current one and its Sony brother-in-arms nearly destroyed it.

tiffac0082976d ago

My wallet is currently protesting as we speak... ^^;;

x MiL x2976d ago

Yeaah ! I'm ready for PS4 buy day one ! :)

x MiL x2976d ago

I hope more MMO for PS4 <3

HaHa_Ostrich2976d ago

Yeah, so much talk about PS3 and MMOs... yet the Agency got cancelled, FFXIV is still MIA.

Fishy Fingers2976d ago

Personally yes, I've had 5 years of enjoyment out of the current gen, but the hardware is all but tapped out, rarely do they impress me anymore and I've really become a primarily, PC gamer again, I still play the big exclusives, but they're generally short lived with me.

I like to be "wowed" and personally, I cant really remember the last time this gen did that (console wise).

(My opinion, nothing more).

Bolts2976d ago

It's time for the nextgen. No doubt about it. I'm tired of this gen holding back the progress of the gaming industry. Its 2011, everyone of us should be playing 64 players BF3 in native 1080p with 4x AA. We should also have multiple console MMOs by now too.

Tarantino_Life2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I dont care much for progress in Multiplayer. Increasing player count is not a sign of progress in the Industry. After playing Deus Ex HR ( Brilliant game ) it is evidently clear that graphics are not the issue the industry is facing. It is lack of creativity, lack of talented story writers that is the problem. This gen is fine and should continue for atleast a couple of more years IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.