Mainstream Media: If You Must Cover Video Games, Could You Please Do A Better Job Of It?

“You might think games are only played in dark basements by computer addicted geeks but it’s a very big business,” drawls the presenter, repeating a paraphrased opening gambit that’s been rehashed since 1994, with very little change.

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Rashonality2976d ago

Mainstream Media are the one's who are Crazy Addicts who suffers mental illness

rattletop2976d ago

funny when people like to talk/write about things that they have very little knowledge about.

sashimi2976d ago

This is funny...coming from the gaming media...most of the time they don't even know wth they're talking about and only put out articles for hits.

ginsunuva2975d ago

Calls of Duties Three is making our children dies.