Should There Be a Metal Gear Movie?

The Metal Gear movie has long been shelved. Should we be disappointed or relieved? Perhaps Hideo Kojima's marquee franchise is best left in the world of video games.

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NukaCola2977d ago

I would like one, but frankly I think I love the games and the long in depth story so much more, I wouldn't want to see it ruined by hollywood...and it would be ruined.

MGS isn't something you could fit into a 2 hour movie, without cutting out 99% of the content to fit. I mean MGS has a wiki database that is more accurate in its stories than your world history school books. It's such a fluid story.

But if you must make it. Keep to something simple, like infiltrating Shadow Moses..and for the love of God, kill Uwe Boll if he comes within 200 miles of the movie set.

ATi_Elite2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

HELL NO..........cause like all Video Game movies they would just Phuck it up.

Fan made movies of video games are pretty dam good but Hollywood has NO clue!

*if they did make a MGS movie would it have cut scenes that you actually play sorta how the game has cut scenes as long as movies.*

I've eaten popcorn while watching a MGS cutscene!

Commander_TK2976d ago

I'd love to direct it as a fan of the series, and not ruin it by not following the source material.

bozebo2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

MGS works well as a 20 hour movie. Loved MGS4 so much ^_^

If they were to make movies, they should just be film adaptions of the stories as presented in the games starting with MGS, for people who don't play games. It could be pulled of extremely well, but I wouldn't trust it to be and in that sense I don't think there should be a metal gear movie. Also... the first film representing MGS alone would be about 4 hours long for it to not skip vital details lol.

nanometric2976d ago

Check this site out, they have an excelent fan made MGS movie, imho. Yes, the FX are lacking, but overall I think they nailed it.

execution172976d ago

wish they would make a sequel

Undeadwolfy2976d ago

Wow... For a fanmade project, this pretty damn awesome. Thanks for linking it. +Bubs

Peppino72976d ago

As much as I love the series, I believe a movie would be an injustice. Considering how complex the story line is... it could never be made into a 2 hour flick. Now if it was like a 3 hour Lord of the Rings style series. Or even a Harry Potter multi movie series then its a possibility. Kojima would have to be behind it though somehow.

Derekvinyard132976d ago

to be honest if hollywood can screw up a max payne movie, its proven that all video game movies will be a failure. for the people who have played max payne you know you are legitimately handed a script and screenplay from the game. it took real effort to mess that one up.

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versusALL2977d ago

Although I wouldn't mind a Metal Gear Solid movie, he makes some excellent points. While as a game it is an excellent series, but as a movie it would be difficult to transcend to film. But hopefully if this gets off the ground it will be as great as the games.

xstreetsweeperx2977d ago

Honestly. The movie in my opinion would be a failure. They could pull it off. I don't know if it would be what I would expect.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2977d ago

Movies to Games usually don't work. But with this one I really have my doubts. MGS takes hours to let us know whats going on and I doubt it would be impossible to do so without removing a big chunk of the story

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The story is too old to be commented.