The Worst Games of 2011 writes: End of the year celebrations wouldn't be complete with the worst of the worst. Which games made the cut?

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MultiConsoleGamer3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Ironically Green Lantern is also one of the worst movies of the year.

hellerphant3151d ago

If they set out to make one of the worst game/movie combos of all time they should definitely be proud to be on this list :P

Trainz3151d ago

You could almost make a list for the worst fps games of the year.

Duke Nukem: Forever
Call of Juarez: The Cartel
Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Crysis 2
Fear 3
Call of Duty: MW3

ATi_Elite3150d ago

just think someone has actually bought all those games and has them in their library.

Relientk773151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Kinda suprised Duke Nukem Forever isnt on the list.

I played The Cursed Crusade demo, and got bored of it really quick, so that game wasn't that good either

LettingGo3150d ago

Green Lantern wasn't a terrible game at all.

I'm sorry, but people need to learn to appreciate the better licensed titles.

These teams don't have the time and money others do. They have to do the best they can in the time alloted. Green Lantern is a fun playthrough, especially on co-op. The movie wasn't terrible either. It wasn't great, but still. At least it wasn't as bad as Thor. That was...Daredevil quality.