Halo - All Terminals Video (SPOILER)

Here's a video of all the terminals found on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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vishant1013588d ago

Spoiler: last terminal video near the end has the symbol of the didact so we might see him in halo 4 imagine Master chief up against the general of the forerunners that would be one incredible fight.

wwm0nkey3588d ago

343 also mentions the Forerunner warriors the Prometheans. Halo 4 is going to get insane if the stars and galaxy disappearing is any indication. We also still have the threat of the Flood and Precursor prisoner.

The Universe has a huge potential to get messed up here.

Panthers3588d ago

Ive only played Halo 1 & 2 and I dont know too much lore but that was awesome. This is definitely one of my favorite series story wise. It was cool seeing some history finally.

m233588d ago

The terminals were great to watch, I found them on my own though, much better to watch on the TV than the monitor. I also input the codes into Halo Waypoint to unlock the 11th terminal which was pretty sick.